Opinions of my ghetto Growing box?

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  1. So let me start saying that my grow box is probably the most ghetto box ur going to ever hear of. I don't have a budget, the only things I'm actually buying are the outtake and intake fans cus I'm building a DIY carbon filter, I'm thinking about building my grow box with cardboard cus is the only thing I can found but the walls are going to be made of car sun reflectors so I don't think my house is going to burn considering no light is going to be in contact with the cardboard, the only thing I'm having a problem with Is thinking about how I'm going to seal the whole house cus I'm just cutting cardboard and building with silver duck tape. The space of the house is going to be enough for probably 3 plants but I only want 2, guys this pretty much just me experimenting so any opinion is totally important for me, thank you!

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    250 views and no opinions!? Damm
  3. it looks.. good ._.
  4. Post some pics I guess..we can't judge what we can't see...And it alredy sounds bad because of the cardboard..

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    Lol I know, everyone always hate cardboard but I don't think is bad considering the walls are going to be sun reflectors and the floor is probably going to be of wood, I post the pics once I finish!
  6. I think I speak for most of the people who have viewed this, when I say good luck!

    I understand that you don't have a budget. When I started, I didn't have any money to contribute beyond maybe $45 for pots, soil, etc. But over time, a few dollars here and there, I now have a half way decent grow box. Made mostly from what I had to work with, could find for free, or could afford maybe $10 at a time.
    Why don't you try another approach. Use scrap wood even, to build a steady frame. Plywood can be used to form the walls (check the free section on craigslist for left over building supplies). Use some left over flat white paint to cover the interior walls of the grow box. Flat white paint can surprisingly reflect up to 85% of the proper light needed for undergrowth. Note: be careful when selecting paint, not to use old white paint that may contain certain toxins such as lead.
    What type of light source are you planing on using?

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  7. I'm far from choosing my light source. I don't see how can anything go wrong with this grow box.

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  8. Okay....just thought I would offer some advice.

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  9. I concur with nate. I know I didn't have shit worth of money to start with. But I kept my eyez out for cabinets people didn't want that I could then turn Into a grow area. Goodluck!


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