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  1. Ok so I set up new environment. Got a room to my self to grow.. as u see in the picture i have a 2x4x5 grow tent. With a 400 watt MH cool tube. A 240 cfm inline... With carbon filter.. I ran the ducting from the air conditioning vent into the bottom to blow cold air into the vent. A fan blowing on the inside for more circulation. I will have the air conditioning running 10 minute cycles twice an hour.. at night it will be 3 times an hour... I have nowhere to hang the inline fan inside so I made some support on the inside and just set it on top of the tent.. I know i should hang the carbon filter... I probably will soon.. any opinions ? Please give me some input. 1500750045975.jpg

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  2. Looks Good

    I'd hold off with the filter until the stink arrives

    filters can screw up in the rain or high humid conditions

    best to keep it in a dry place until called for

    at a later date you may need an hps in their?

    good luck
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  3. Yes. Will be switching out to hps in a couple weeks.. I just topped them a week ago. I kind of just want to hurry this grow up and get it in flower mode... I was just seeing how the filter looked I can easily take it out.. how do u feel about having the air conditioning going into the tent? Do u think it get too cold at night? I want to have a 30 degree difference from day to night so I can make them turn purple..

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