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    I currently am using a 400 watt hid light and have been looking into upgrading. I've been deciding between a 600 or 1000 watt so I can have room to expand in the future, or switching to led altogether. I have a move planned for early next summer that will allow for a larger set up. A person I discussed this with suggested keeping my 400 for now and using something like a 300> watt led on both sides too get more light to the ends of my tent and have a broader spectrum. Does anyone have any experience with mixing LEDs with hids? Was there any benefit with using them together as compared to just upgrading one or the other? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I wouldn't buy the weak led's, its like when I started with cfl's. I bought more to get more light and ended up wasting money. I should have just have got a better light.
    If you're staying with HID get a 1000w if you can afford it. Just dim it and get a 600w bulb if your current space is to small. If you want to go down the led route get one of the mars hydro 5w units. A 1200w or 1600w, but hid is more versatile, more options in one ballast. You could even use your 400w bulb for now if you wanted to.
    Although I've never done a back to back trial(has any one?) I find it hard to believe even the 1600w could match a 1000w HID. And remember when it comes to fitting them in your grow room a big led weighs 25-30lbs and contrary to popular belief generates a lot of heat....
  3. That was my original plan. I'm staying with hid. Heat and weight isn't an issue. I planned on getting 1000 watt hid and dimming until I move. I was just wondering if anyone had any experiences mixing the 2 they could share. My gut tells me to go ahead and get the 1000w hid now, but I have no problem holding off til the move if mixing the 2 had any benefits. I'm going to be needing additional lighting beyond this anyways so nothing I buy will be wasted.

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