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  1. image.jpeg So I've just been looking at my beautiful girl and noticed this lol nearly all my pre flowers at nodes are weird lol they all are attached to a small stem coming off the join and pointing downward exactly like a male flower this is soooo weird I've grown for along time and never seen this lol plant is feminised auto Bluetooth picture is of one of the preflowers as couldn't get a good pic on the plant the stalk is a bit longer than in pic as didn't want to hurt her as she's now well into flower
  2. That is a calyx, they grow at every single node of a sexually mature female, it's the female preflower...

    Not sure how long is a "long time" to you, but I kinda doubt your claimed growing experience if you've, "never seen that"...

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  3. Lol dude I've grown thousands of plants I know exactly what a female preflower looks like but I've never seen them hanging off the side of the node on a stem around a ml long and pointing downward as a male flower does look at the picture there's only about half of the little stem attached to it
    A normal female preflower hugs into the node not sitting out on a stem of its own lol
  4. Try to get a pic on the plant then...

    It still looks like a calyx, and obviously has pistils so...

    I've seen some calyxs on a short "stem" but most just sit tight in the node, could be the genetics of this strain maybe.
  5. Also has a small stem on the end lol it's only bout half the length it is on the plant as cut off with box cutter n couldn't get all of it lol
  6. image.jpeg The stem where I've cut would be atleast twice as long as in pic and the preflowers point downward
    Picture a male preflower hanging off node except take the ball off the end of its little stem a insert a single female flower that what it looks like lol
  7. I've seen these at the base of my plants before it's just pre flower they're not always in the nodes.

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  8. Just weird never noticed one hanging out on its own little stem before haha and they all point downwards
  9. Was thinking its a genetics thing never grown this strain before
  11. image.jpeg Forgive my amazing art skills lol the widow I've just grown is prety dam nice lol but couldn't get clear photo so this is best can describe the one on right is what all my other plants grow lol normal the one on the left side is what all the preflowers on this one are like
  12. Herme?

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  13. Why don't you send us a pic of the actual plant

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  14. Can't get clear photo of what I'm talking about lol but yeah deff 100% female she's got nothing but big fat crystal covered colas alllll over :)
  15. D
    eff straight female man

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