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Opinions can be dangerous..

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Sir_shmokealot, Jun 30, 2019.


Do you pledge to be as clear as possible on facts and opinions when giving your personal advice?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. I don't care and I'm sharing my opinions as facts if I want to

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  1. #1 Sir_shmokealot, Jun 30, 2019
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2019
    I'd like to take some time out of my day just to drop a little gem that's been itching the back of my head for quite a few years now actually..

    I see it all over the place, even places like this forum unfortunately, but people are NOTORIOUS for giving their opinions facts.. ..when they are clearly not based on any research of any kind(aside from a blog someone may have read or a couple YouTube vids they may have seen.)

    That's not becoming educated on a subject enough to give any type of advice, scientific or medical, of any kind. It's you watching a few things, reading an article or two, and then spreading your opinion around as fact.


    I laugh to keep from weeping because of all the people I've seen, heard, and read take advice from people who HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT.

    Id like to just say that I personally pledge to never give any advice on this glorious plant unless I'm at least 90-99% sure I know wtf im talking about. And then even then I will state "I'm no professional".

    Much love! Just real. If it's your opinion, then say that. Don't speak on things you know nothing about as if you're an expert. There are people here really looking for medical help to put substances into their bodies. Let's try to be as knowledgeable as possible, for all, but for them especially huh??

    Thank you to those who understand. If you got rubbed the wrong way reading this I apologize. It wasn't meant for that.

    Have a great day everyone and Happy Growing!
  2. Facts hurt people’s feelings in my opinion :coffee:
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  4. True. But usually only when your giving someone facts they don't want to hear. And usually those facts ..are about them lol. Those aren't the facts I'm talking about lol. But you know that lol. Coffee emoji made me almost choke on my drink tho lol. Got me on that one.
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  5. In regards to just the advice - I've passed on what I've found to be true from both advice I've myself received and experienced or learned for myself.
    I tend to not shit on, and make it clear whenever possible if it's just an opinion or something I would myself do/try if I were in a similar situation - and if I think that it's not a completely sure bet, I'll say so.

    I kind of agree with people taking things the wrong way if you throw some truth out there...doesn't mean they're not benefiting from it either way, so I tend to say what's on my mind...sometimes I can be a bit blunt when I think a person is well, being stupid...but I try to lead with a more "Maybe you could look at it this way" kinda deal, let them come to the conclusions they seem to be missing.
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  6. You know what’s up man :love-m3j:
  7. This.

    This is what I try to do as well. Try lol. Some people are super thick headed tho. I've learned to live with it. This thread just stems from all the new people coming into the culture and asking me for advice..

    Where I'm like you, some people just spout their mouths off like they're experts. "Oh 100mg should be fine for your first edible!" (Me overhearing someone else's advice to a newbie)

    Me in my head and later after dude left: "yo you might want to do some research of your own before you take someone's opinion on how much YOU can handle"...

    I get people want to feel smart, needed, helpful ...all that. But I hate seeing it done at the expense of someone possibly getting scared away from Mary just because they took advice from some nobody that just wants to seem knowledgeable. It's like kids think it's funny to dose the hell out of new people and that shit just isn't funny to me. It's dangerous and doesn't help the stigma our sweet mother plant already has over her head.
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  8. yep most times when answering a post i say its my opinion etc ,,,or look around the site and see .or google it ..mac,
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  9. The only facts I ever try to drop is about real life events to a loved one or close friend if they strike up a conversation or are going through some shit.
    Politics/Government is a tough conversation these days because online media is full of trash and tv media has been trash since the 90s. Seems to me that the elderly are afraid of change and the youth will take any change. Me I’m the type that don’t care either way as long as my taxes don’t go up. My attitude toward ppl is you do you and I’ll do me.
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  10. Back when I started my first thread on this site I told myself I'd only post AFTER the fact. No "Well I think" Only " This is how it worked out for me"
    I ALWAYS warn new edible user as I've gone over the top way to many times myself and I know just how uncomfortable it can get.
    <-- remembers when you could still have an opposing view point without the rest of the room tar and feathering you and shaming you on social media.
    Thankfully I don't give a rats ass about Social Media or any of the rest of it because my views are damn sure not welcome in this world.
    <-- old school and thinks you should work for what you get. No free lunch.
    Democratic Socialism = Same old Communism in a new dress.
    We won't make the same mistakes all the prior attempts have made.
    Sure you won't.

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  11. Biochemistry - my cannabis research has led directly into biochemical pathways of identification via biochemistry... we can identify what is going on at the molecular level and predict or choose the type of metabolism per plant varietal ETC....
    we identified the endocannabinoiod system in man and all chordate life while following the biochemical pathways of the pahytocannabinoids in mans anatomy...
  12. I’ve found IMHO appears to be the best thing to add to an advice post.
    I can’t and don’t want to go into my history of growing. That’s no one’s business.
    If I don’t know or have advice I find it best to move on. I wish more would do this.

    Of course if I can tell they’re 12 years old or just trying to be idiots, then look out.
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  13. I am guilty of giving incorrect information.
    I remember it well; minutes after I posted, I realized what I'd said.
    By that time, I had been soundly corrected.
    I am, now, 'gun shy'.

    When I started researching growing, I found this site and found it helpful... if not a bit 'quirky'.
    After being here some months, I started to feel free to give advice on the simplest of matters;
    that, I thought, would free up the 'growers' to answer the 'tough questions'.
    Now, I'm hesitant.
  14. Hey regular smoker but new to edibles, so I picked up some lollipops at a phish show the other day they are 50 mg each. Would this be multiple doses or is one pop one dose?
  15. Yet any DUDE who gets his info without double checking it online and off is partly to blame..
    I make a point to try and never do as i'm told, sometimes (a few too many) i reinvent the wheel too.
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  16. Funny because I've gotten to the point where I trust the average joe over most anything these days.

    I do admit, I have a really hard time trusting the medical establishment because everything is privatized and for profit. Motivations have changed in healthcare and I believe many horridness has gone on due to profits over people. And I trust naturopathic doctors over regular MDs because I've had awesome experiences with them and my health over using western medical doctors. I find when you read people's testimonials over a certain medical ailment, if you read enough, you find patterns as to what works and doesn't work as far as treating yourself or making an important decision when it comes to health.

    I think that's why people like forums. It's people geeking out on something they love, spending heaps of time researching the hell out of that subject, practicing and sharing their results here. I'm okay with that. You can sort of tell when someone is full of shit. They usually never cite where they got the info from or won't share links to back up their statements.
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