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Opinions about telling parents ...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tutex, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Hey guys. I've been puffing for about a year now and i still live at home and I'm still in high-school (no worries, i just turned 18). Anyway, i know there's probably thousands, if not more, of threads about coming clean with your parents, but weeds starting to get annoying having to sneak it around and what not. So really, my question is: do you think it would be a good idea to sit my parent's down one day and just tell them everything?

    I was thinking that i could tell them that i understand all of the risks and explain all of the benefits, like making me happy and ending my depression. I would also tell them that i want to get their opinion and be honest with them. I figure if they say no, then i would seriously cut down to once a week or less rather than four times a day.

    My parent's grew up in the 70s and i know for a fact that my dad has smoked weed. He told me once that he has smoked before but it wasnt as potent as it is now and that he never bought drugs. He also said he wouldn't be surprised if my mom has too. They're both really invested in my future so i think as long as i maintain my honour roll average, i'll be okay.

    What are your opinions on my situation,

    Thanks, and happy toking,

  2. First, if you are on the honor roll and have been toking and your parents havent noticed, might as well tell them. then you can explain that you have been doing it the past however long and it didnt change you drastically. let them know you figured out how to balance out school/responsibility shit and tokin herbs and blah blah stuff like that just sound smart. if they are against it they wont change their mind, stuck up haters will never change
  3. I like to talk about controversial subjects with my parents like marijuana, religion, abortion etc. so I know how they stand on certain topics. With marijuana I know my dad doesn't want me or my siblings smoking because it is illegal. My mom on the other hand just doesn't like recreational drugs at all unless its alcohol. To be fair, she doesn't want us being drunk either but definitely cares less about that than being high. She's also a nurse and in her 50's so she still believes there's brain damage and negative impacts on your body. Weirdly she supports medical marijuana though.

    Knowing all this though makes me realize that it would be unintelligent to come clean about it because I know it would piss my mom off and disappoint my dad. Also they know my siblings have/do and my mom hates it, my dad just wishes they wouldn't, again because of legality.

    The best way to decide is to find out there stances on weed and if they seem cool enough about it, tell them. Otherwise it's probably a bad idea.
  4. My parents are totally cool with me smoking, they just have absolutely NO idea how often I light up. As long as you keep it that way you should be good to go.
  5. I never really told my parents, I just stopped hiding it. Funny thing, they we're mad as hell...

    ...but it turns out they just think an 1/8th a week is a bit much (especially at 18).
  6. I was gonna have a sit down with my parents this summer...never got the chance cuz mom smelled my car when i was moving out of the dorms
  7. If you still live at home then fuck no
  8. your 18 practically an adult on the honor roll, i dont think your parents would be too hard on your ass if you came out the tokers closet and told em that you smoke Lol
  9. I went to boarding school for 4 years before college, so my parents never knew. I told them after I got into college and my mom went crazy, telling me how I'd get addicted, how it was a gateway drug, brain damage, the whole nine yards of ignorant bullshit. my dad was pretty cool but said he still thought it was a bad idea.

    anyways, what it boils down to is this: your parents cant really stop you from doing what you want to do. if you wanna smoke you'll smoke. so (in my opinion) its good to let them know - it's good to get that weight off your chest.

    it also depends on your parents though. if you think they'll be really upset maybe you shouldn't bring it up.
  10. if you do end up telling them, make sure you don't say the word 'need'. also make sure they know it's not the only way you have fun (even if it is). you sorta have to tell them what they wanna hear
  11. I think the most important variables to consider here are:Will they react in an undesirable way? Are you stuck living in their house for a few more years? If so, is it possible they could make your smoking nearly impossible? It might be worth NOT telling them. Chances are if you smoke inside when they are home then they will eventually catch on, and if they do then let fate decide like I did. I was lucky and my parents didn't mind, but we have a strict don't ask don't tell policy.

    Side note: If you are smoking MJ illegally, you must remember that parents never want their children to get into trouble and might not allow it purely based on that reasoning. Best of luck mate!:)

  12. Scary that I'm in the exact same situation.
  13. I think honesty is best, but then again my parents kinda figured out on their own. Still though, if they're the type to be pissed about it I think being up front would go a long way.
  14. Keep it to yourself. That's my advice.
  15. yeah thats what i did they eventually found out and were cool just gave me a lil pep talk and said not to bring it home or around my younger bros. other than that they said they werent gonna live my life for me and i had desicions to make as to what kinda man i wanted to be in this world, now i work 50+ hrs a week have my own condo and smoke daily i even have them over for bbq and light up on the balcony with my dad standing next to me (he dont smoke).:D
  16. this type of thread has been posted many times. But I think you should tell them, and iff they aren't cool with it tell them you are going to do it anyways but you'll keep it away from the house (unless they'd rather you smoke it there instead of anywhere else)

  17. Yeah my dad said their is nothing wrong with smoking he just does not want me to mess up my future with the whole legal situation stuff.

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