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  1. This plant is about 6-7 weeks into flowering. Its under 400w HPS on 12/12 since start. Only ferts i gave it was Alaskan fish meal like(5-1-1) one week before flower. Water and soil ph is between 5.5 and 6. FF ocean forest soil, maybe 2 gal pot.

    This plant was a clone that was doing great all the way to flowering, but about 2 weeks ago, i had to leave town for four days. I watered heavy the day i left and when i came back it was withered really bad. It was LST when vegging so the stalks are bent, and when it dried out the were all twisted and shit. I used some string to tie them up the best i could. Now most of all the older leaves are brown and dead. There are green leaves(baby ones) at the top of the bud and toward the middle of the bud. the buds are tight and have alot of hairs but the trich are not showing up as well as last time. The trich it does have are just starting to turn cloudy. About 60%clear and 40% cloudy. Some of the hairs are brown, but most are white.

    My previous post , shows how it started to re-veg for some reason. I assume it maybe has something to do with it being dehydrated so badly. I have cut the new growth off 3 colas.

    SO my questions go as follows:
    1) Will this continue to mature and ripen ?
    2) Will this stop maturing because it went back to veg?
    3) should i just cut my losses and smoke it, and not waste anymore time on it if its not worth the "maybe"

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  2. i say give her a week or so under 12/12 and see if she improves or gets worse,
  3. It doesn't look as bad as you seem to think it is. It probably needs another month in 12/12... also it needs to be fed not sure why you aren't feeding it once a week at the very minimum, most people while flowering will feed every other watering..

    Good luck!

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