Opinion on these grow chambers?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 305tillidie, May 2, 2006.

  1. Im thinking about getting one of these grow chambers for a stealth grow. Slamming this in a closet or something. What do ya'll think?


    I would be getting the 6 plant growth chamber or the 10 plant growth chamber. The 6 plant chamber has seperate area for clones and mother plant all in same box. Looks pretty cool IMO. If I got one of these I would prolly get the 10 plant with carbon filter. Think its worth it?

    if you wana see pricing click link at bottom of page.
  2. yo dude your wastin your money its better to build your own heres a good link for ventilation and odor http://www.mdhydro.com/activatedcharcoal.html but if you live with your parents just get a P.O Box and get it from here www.cheaphydroponics.com I also like this website www.discount-hydro.com from grow chambers its best to get 2 1flowering chamber and 1vegging/mother/cloning chamber just go to Target and buy a bookcase for the flowering chamber and anything half its size for vegging chamber get the black and white poly add it too your bookcase for an instant door and paint it white or use mylar your choice get at least 150 watts for your veg chamber and 400 for your flower chamber any qustions dont hesitate were here to help :D
  3. It scared me right off the bat that they hide their prices, after clicking through I finally saw numbers in the $1800-$2200 price range. That's obscene, you can do much better.
  4. Those look neat, but for how much they are your much better off making your own
  5. I checked out the add to out of curiosity.
    I notice a few issues with the add and with the box :

    -Rediculous pricing. If you had a few thousand bucks to spend then why would you risk growing it yourself instead of buying it?
    -Box doesn't seem to be very high. I wonder how you are supposed to keep that 400W HPS light 2 ft away from your plant. There doesnt appear to be a away to adjust that hight at all.
    -Tech specs don't make sense. I clearly states 400W bulb, 160 gallon/hour pump, mechanical ventilation and so on. Also, it say 120V 3 AMPs. 120V*3A=360 W. Right. :confused_2: Something is really wrong there. This box does NOT generate power.
    -Digital timer with a battery backup. Thats funny, your clock will still work but the lights are turned off anyway. Kinda stupid I guess, for it can only server your purpose then 50% of the time at best.

    So yeah, go ahead and make one yourself from an big clothing cabinet or such. I bet you can get a second hand one for 50-100 bucks or so.

    After you get the cabinet (and you read about building grow boxes a bit) :

    1.Make sure you are really stoned. :hippie:
    2.Get your powertools in there.:D
    3.Live out your imagination combined with your knowledge (which you got from reading):yay:

    This sure did give me a kick:smoking: and its not only the cheapest way to do it is also TOTALLY CUSTOMIZABLE. You can decide anything! You want it to be purple with yellow dots on it because it fits your room better? No problem! You think 2*200W = better then 1*400W? Go right ahead! Make it so!

    If you changed your mind AFTER you got yourself a complete box, it wouldnt be a problem modifying the one you build but you may hesitate to modify your $2K box because its soooo expensive.
  6. i've also always wondered why the grow box was so small. if i was going to invenst 2k in growing, i could come up with something a hell of a lot better than that box.

    people need to learn that they don't have to pay to have everything done for them.

    ^not meant as a bash at anyone here, just something that i've believed for a very long time.

    that is the reason i love my home made bongs from vases. so cheap, so good.
  7. WOW!:hello:

    Making bongs from vases.
    You got me going with some nice ideas over here. I'll try a glass vase or maybe even a theapot.

  8. thanks, prolly just gona get some gear from these sites. still gona keep looking around before any purchases, ty.

  9. youre 100% right. im gona make my own but i think i might just buy some of the supplies online.
  10. By all means.

    Just make sure you don't buy 2nd hand light bulbs.
    These things wear out, produce less light when they are old.

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