opinion on these cfls..

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    since i want some cfls, just for shits n giggles i was wondering if these are some decent cfls to add..

    Compact Fluorescent - Daylight - 150W | Fluorescent Grow Lights

    im thinking of getting 2-3 of those bulbs and hanging them

    only for 4 plants, there my buddys bag seed plants and i told him i could get him some decent cfls..

    what do yall think?

    id also be using this 24' cfl http://www.bghydro.com/BGH/itemdesc.asp?ic=HLIFFIX24&eq=&Tp=

    so the that directly overhead and then 2 bulbs on the right and left side, and one behind/inbetween em.
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    Instead of getting 2-3 of those at $65+shipping each, why not get a nice HID setup. That's what I'd do if I was going to spend 250+ on lights. :cool:
  3. I agree , You could grab a 400 watt Hps or something.
  4. i got only get a 250hps digital, htg supply.

    but ya thats what i thought.. its for my budddy but whatev lol

    i got another question, how much power does a 250w hps digital & a 400w hps digital use per hour?

    im scared to put anything more than a 250 w/an inline in my closet
  5. a 250 would probably use something like 2-3 amps and a 400 uses like 3-4 amps, which isn't enough to even sneeze at. (that's on 120volt, not 240, which uses less amperage) a standard computer power supply is like 500watts, so it shouldn't even be noticed.

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