Opinion on preflower??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dirtycat, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Hey i hve this plant tht im lstin wth an i think im seein some preflower, any ideas
    I see one gland but no pistilss
    Male female? Or is it too early to tell

  2. To early to tell. A preflower is not indicative of male or female. All plants prior to flowering look exactly the same. Are you in flowering? If you arent then you wont know. Once you enter flowering stage after a bit you will know.
  3. I know how you feel. I'm in my first grow and everytime something new comes up I get all excited. So cool to grow. I just posted this morning pics of our first grow. We're 33 days into the 12/12 cycle. Loving it. Check out our pics if you don't mind.
  4. Vmar: ur plant looks sexi, all natural, im diggin it man pretty good keep updating i wanna wats good,
    An im seeing more on other nodes now too, just one gland thy seem to b pointy
    Lik stipules, but no im not in flower, i plan on puting her into flower wen i get my carbon for smell,
    An another ? I saw a house the othr day by my house an ther growing!! an i boticed tht thy had lik coal for barbq around the plant wat does tht do? Jus wondering
  5. 33 days into 12/12 and still can't tell about sex? Is this normal?
  6. A month into 12/12 id say its very abnormal most will show in 2 weeks some a bit slower byt a month thys just to long... You should check for light leeks
  7. dirty cat, thanks. I try baby I try. These ladies have taken a lot of my time. Can't wait to burn em.
  8. This a close up to it with the best focus i can get

  9. No balls or pistils in sight.

    Light leak?
  10. 100% no light leaks. Is this hermi;(
  11. Nah mang! Just relax. hermi means both balls and pistils.. You have neither.
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    If it was a hermaphrodite there would be both male and female flowers. I see no flowers at all. This looks like a good healthy plant, but too soon to tell the sex from this pic :cool:
  13. Oh ok thanks nxt week il b puting her to flower to see wats good ;)
  14. the flower in the first pic is a female plant.
    Because of the location of the flower in the notch of a secondary node, there are other flowers on the plant near the main stem

    There isnt any strain of hybrid cannabis that contains indica that wont be in full flower at 33 days of 12/12. None. The only possibility for having no flowers after 33 days of 12/12 is to be growing an equatorial sativa. Every day at the equator is 12/12 and plants dont begin to flower until a certain length of time, or reach a certain height regaurdless of daylenth. These strains, such as Columbian, can take 20- 26 weeks to fiinsh flowering.
  15. Thanks monkey il b puting her to flower in a few days cuz its too early. Also Would it b a good idea to give the plant a whole day of darkness before i switch lighting?

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