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  1. IMG_20190819_091454.jpg IMG_20190819_091519.jpg my plant has been growing like crazy since I've been giving it nutrients it wasn't even half this size a week ago. I noticed there is slight nutrient burn (I think) on some of the leaf tips. I don't have a digital soil pH tester so I'm not sure what the pH is with nutrients added.I have one where you put some water into a tube and judge the pH by the color which is hard since the fertilizer fucks with the color. I've also been having a fungus gnat problem and can't get rid of them. I think they are laying larvae in the soil.. The soil also seems to have a funky smell but I can't really tell because my plant stinks. It's a cheese strain. lol
  2. I also use the liquid ph tester, I didn't understand how to use it at first, but then I realised there was blackmagic where it's yellow between 6.0 and 6.5 but then turns green as soon as it hits 6.5, I presumed it had to have transitioned between the two but I was wrong for a few weeks :) Now I can just water with either one colour or the other and it gives it a healthy range of ph. Great

    So test the ph! And the ppm. Here's what to do: Take 100ml of soil and 100ml of pure water and mix them together, then let it sit for 24 hours. Then strain it through a paper coffee strainer and test the ph/ppm. This is called a slurry test.

    Other than that, the plant looks good! But putting the nutrients in blind can lead to all kinds of problems so get testing. Good luck :)
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  3. interesting ive never left it for 24hrs to slurry test i usually take (2) samples one near the stem and one near the end of pot and keep the 2 seperate and do 2 test sample i test the 2 by mixing it and letting it sit for 20 mins then stir it and test again 20 mins later but like everything in growing cannabis every ones garden is different and we all have our own unique ways of growing :)

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