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  1. Just curious if ive removed too many fan leaves.

    Before it starts, i understand there are many different opinions on this matter. Just looking for your opinion on my plants.


    After MH
    After HPS

    Strains are nirvana fem white widow and fem blackjack. Thanks again.
  2. there is no reason to remove any fan leaf for any reason, unless you start early and plan to remove them all to create a new plant.
    a defoilitated plant is a thing of beaty, but it takes a lot of time and space and is not very efficient.
    I think you have gotten bad advice or misinterpreted it.
    Don't worry, you're cool. But next time don't do anything.
  3. You are fine,looks like you removed 20 percent of the leaves which is what you want but no more to be safe. You have to wait at least a week before any more defoliating,it needs to recover. I ONLY defoliate when tucking is not working or the plants are so dense it creates a mold problem because if it is in veg and getting water from the humidity and you don't wipe every leaf off and check (which is what I do) each plant for excess moister. I am growing some Northern Lights and the fan leaves were 6 inches wide on some of them which is going to cover you undergrowth even at the top end of the plant. So there are situations where you have no choice. I topped and pulled leaves off and then more the next day although not many only the ones that are going to reduce the plants output. I know my plants are healthy enough to bounce back quick and the did. Yours look nice and healthy. That's my opinion and removing fan leaves,hope this helps a bit. Peace...... Also the obvious diseased leaves,
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  4. Thanks for sharing that, ill keep it in mind. I cut mostly the leaves that had any kind of ph or nutrient discoloration because the plan has been flourishing since i LST and topped them several times all in about 30 days. I too believe they will bounce back. Well see whats up thanks!
  5. I just went back and looked at your pics again and noticed the leaves. Got it.you did the right thing imho. You are welcome. They will bounce back and good luck,you should post some pics when they recover.
  6. I sure will post some up. Im new to the forums so i appreciate the feedback. Will update in a few days or so.
  7. Sounds good. I just joined today and you are welcome,I guarantee there will be a bunch of members that will give you plenty of great info. Looking forward to the pics.
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  8. I leave the fan leaves be, until I see a bud not getting light, then I find the shade leaf and pull it if i can't manipulate the bud to stay in light. And especially if I see a damaged leaf, I pull it so it doesn't slow growth or spread anything
    Below has only 2 fan leafs. Little extreme but she doing great

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  9. Nice ladies, i read in the article the more light the buds themself recieve the more dense and bigger they will become. So remove or tuck if possible any leaves covering bud sites. Only about 20% a session.

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  10. Yea thank you, there's 5 more like her, bigger, behind her.

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  11. Nice, what you growing?

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