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Opinion on drug test

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by darkphase90, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. Kinda new user here, been smokin for a long ass time. 3Yrs off an on mainly on Anyways id just like opinions on my chances for a urine test tomorrow. I was a heavy hitter (half oz a week shared with the lady) on average. Probably slowed a bit in the past few months. Anyways i stopped tokin the mid of last month, maybe toked once with my brother on the 20th not sure cant remember lol. Anyways its a on the spot test for a temp agency for an old job back (ironic cause my workplace let me get away with literally smokin at my presses powdered metal. And knew i smoked before and on break) what can i say i was a good operator. Im 25 135 pds, very fast metabolism. I drink mainly propel and a shit ton of coffee which makes me piss like a race horse. Been eatin good like burgers and steak, i havent seen mids in like 2 yrs so its decent budz. Im usin my own piss but usin water prior, mid stream you know the deal. Their tests are pretty shitty, what do ya think. Pass or fail. Not usin those bs drinks, i believe in niacin but thats an urban myth and i didnt use em. My workout is my part time cashier/stocker.
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    20th of March was maybe last use until now April 6th...You are 100% dirty dude. Get a home test kit at rite aid for $10...but i'm 99% certain your not going to be good to go.

    You would have had to quit at least the beginning on March (honestly probably even a week or two before) to have a shot if you were an everyday smoker splitting a 1/2oz a week...
  3. the appreciation for pounds is lbs, sorry that bugs me.

    why not sub?
  4. Yea my guess is u aren't going to make it dude, like another blade suggested its smart to get a in-home dt to be sure. Rule of thumb is 30 days, you are smart for avoiding those bs drinks. Only things i could recommend is claim false positive, get fake piss or working out extra, best of luck & report back

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