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Opinion on cheap bud.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by The Captain K, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. $55 - 6.5g's

    Dark, but not as dark as the photo shows. There are crystals if you look in. And it's POWDERed with crystals, but the bud is dark ... is that alright?

  2. How does it smell?Taste?
  3. Smells skunky but sweet, haven't smoked it yet, will be smokin it next Wednesday.
  4. Powdered? How does it smoke?

    edit: read you're second post

  5. Didn't smoke it yet. Yeah, when you open up the buds a little bit, they're coated with crystals. :p
  6. is it bricked and with seeds? cus thats never a good sign

  7. Haha nice, have fun smoking it when you do, hope it's nice. :D
  8. Tell me if it gives a big headache? That will solve the problem and tell if you if it was mids or not.
  9. looks kinda schwaggy... hmmmm
  10. If it is schwag then it seems like it is kinda pricey.

  11. I don't think it's schwag because there is tons of crystals inside .. I'll let you all know.
  12. does look shwaggy to me but if it has crystals then it cant be thaat bad.

    I have some cheap but thats crystally and has , buts super duper fluffy so it looks cheap, gets anybody hella keyed though lol
  13. Looks a little like schwag but it looks fine, more crystals the better imo.
    Nice pickup bro
  14. Does it have hairs? It looks like it has brown areas in the photo but that could just be the light.
  15. All you saying it's "Schwag" .. I grinded this baby to dust, and packed it down, and it stuck together like a brick of glue. The image looks TOTALLY different, it's unreal when I opened it, like light shining from one end of a tunnel. Haha

  16. some local reggie. not too bad. it has red hairs.[​IMG]

  17. Decent :)

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