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  1. Hello guys,

    sorry if I'm in the wrong section here. Thought it'll fit here.

    I've got some weed from a guy who claims self growing and something about the smell is weird. (I think?)
    I am no pro at this and in my country weed is illegal, so I get it of the streets...

    I know it's just pictures and hard to tell, but maybe you guys see something I don't.

    Appreciate any advice or comment on the matter!
    If more information is needed I'll try my best to provide.


    Kind regards,
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  2. Any way to describe what you’re smelling?
    Does it smell like wet grass or cardboard?
    Is it a musty moldy odor?
    If it is homegrown then it can have some off smells if it hasn’t cured
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  3. I have no idea about the smell, but a one week water cure would probably get rid of it and will get rid of water soluble nasty stuff. It won't affect the THC.
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  4. It smells like it's old on the "outside" and weak smell.
    But when I break it, it smells very different and kinda normal.
    Very hard to describe.

    When I touch the grinded weed and rub between my finger it feels like sand. (Little dots)
    The ash looks like in the picture. (pure roll)

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  5. So from the pics you'd say it looks normal?
  6. If it was dried too fast it would have an old grass clipping smell. The graininess is likely trichomes breaking off the outside of the bud. Is the bud very easy to crumble? Many newer growers do not understand the importance of a proper dry and cure procedure and ruin their entire crop. It will get you high. But, it likely tastes and smells bad. Many of the terpenes that add flavor,smell and add to the entourage effect are lost when dried too fast.
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  7. Yes it is easy to crumble but somewhat sticky tho.
    Hm okay. Just thought maybe it got contaminated or something.
    You often hear about the sugar/sand stuff.
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  8. It looks fine. God knows I've smoked some really questionable stuff over the last 40 years. As Tim said Dried to fast and it smells like mowed hay or lawn clippings. Dried to slow and it molds and tastes really funky and musty.
    Let get to dry (Below 55%) and it never had a chance to properly cure and it will smoke like inhaling live flame and be physically painful to inhale. As a grower I've made all those mistakes.

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  9. Yes, it's common for trichomes to break off especially if the plant is allowed to go a little past its prime. The trichomes stalks will get very thin just below the head causing the heads to easily break off. Drying too fast only adds to the issue.
  10. why not just ask the guy

    "why does it smell so"?

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