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Opinion on blazing up before class?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sfsc, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. I did it infrequently in high school, but I still did good in school. Now that I'm in college, I'm doing it somewhat frequently and still maintaining grades. Sucks because I want to sleep in, but I still mange to go.

    You guys find it enjoyable? My best buddy (who blazes up at least once a day) tried it once and hated going to class blazed. What's your take?
  2. Save yo weed for another time my man, take care of more important things first

  3. I've gone to class high many times. Being high is great but in class not so much. All I did was draw and think about other places I could be having a lot more fun then sitting high in class.
  4. I rarely get high before class, but i did before my science class and there was a quiz and i failed that so hard but when i was taking it i was like what the fuck, zoning out hard.
  5. i like it..smoking helps me with my math. I remember i used to toke up before each math test because every time i did i would get higher scores. it also makes shit in class more interesting
  6. I usually end up getting way too high and going to class...its not very enjoyable :(
  7. Did it once. Super paranoid. Never again.
  8. I don't smoke before school anymore, just personal preference.
  9. it depends on what classes u have, like my friend has this class and sometimes they just watch movies for 3 hours. she said her notes werent that great but she also said she also said it helped her pay more attention.
  10. Everyday - pick buddy up and pass the bong on the way to school. Lunch time - leave and smoke out the bong. I usually hit up mcdonalds or chick fila.
  11. Met a guy in my math class last semester toking at a friends house. We'd go for a ride every day before our quiz or test and bake before class. Took me longer to do my test but I did awesome.
  12. I usually end up disrupting the whole class with uncontrolable laughter,

    you know, the shit where you are biting holes in your mouth trying to keep from laughing.

    i had a bone head math class with this HUGE lesbo, she was like 5 foot flat and well over the 350 mark and she sat right infront of me. She could not grasp ANYTHING, like this chick was fuckin stupid. Anyway this dude from micronesia sat next to me and man could he get me going with his impressions of her. I could not even look toward him without loosing it.

    That kind of shit only happens when i go to class high...
  13. I love it, it helps me pay attention and I tend to get more work done when I'm baked.

    Haha smoking before my psych class is always fun, they talk about some trippy shit.
  14. depends on your own personality and how you are when ur high like some people actually like to get work done when they're high so it's fine with them but if ur like me you like toget all ur shit done first then get high and just do absolutely nothing then it's not goood but i mean i'd still save my weed even if i could keep good grades cuz weed is so much more enjoyable when you don't have to do critical thinking
  15. You just have to be careful. Ive done it a few times but i usually get a bit paranoid and shit. i would prefer to just get a little high before class rather than get blazed.
  16. I smoke before school, but i'm going to start cutting back on that. I personally like it and see nothing too wrong with it, then again i have a history and reading class and ALL we do is write notes. Easy as fuck.
  17. It's definitely fun and all, it helps me pay alot more attention, but i find a cup of coffee is a bit better to just pay attention the whole time. Being baked in class is fun in my photoshop class, but the others are pure monotony. I'd rather save it till i get home
  18. I do it every once in a while. It makes Anatomy so interesting to me :smoking:
  19. love being high in classes man, at school was stoned for the last 2 years lol
  20. Taking "Lessons of the Vietnam War" class. It's 10x more interesting than it already is when you're high. Especially with a teacher that has personality.

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