Opinion on 300 watt usage?

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  1. Hey all;

    Wanted to try another run at indoor flowering, have 300 watts for this plant. Below are pictures of it veging under 6 bulbs t5.

    Question is what would do better, given the space's dimensions (4 foot by 2 foot)

    300 watts of HID


    300 watts of 4 tubes 3000k, 2 tubes 6500k?

    I'd like your opinions on what you would do.

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  2. HID would do better, but they run sooo much hotter
  3. I veg under 300w T5's on 24 hr and bud under 600w HID on 12x12, easier to workout the power consumption and for me 300w/600w is a good balance.
    I have on an occasion had to bud under T5's, due to a blown bulb etc etc, no real difference but did screw up my immediate plans for a continual perpetual grow for a couple of months

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    Heat isn't too much of an issue as I'd be sucking most of the bulbs direct heat away with a set of inline fans, and using the fan in the pic to cool the glass/air. Ambient temps already get pretty warm with the 8 bulb set-up though; would even but a HID be much more than that?; I can always just open a window though.

    @vostok No real difference? I think I might just pick up a 4 pack of warm bulbs then and stick with fluoros then. I don't mind the heat, but I'd rather not have to run ducting through my room. Plus my ladybugs would all go berzerk and die under the HID; I HAVE mites, but these little rubys keep em at bay haha.
  5. t-5's are great. some folks use them from start to finish. but, you can't beat hid. if you can handle the heat, go for the 300 watts!

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