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Discussion in 'General' started by RazorRy, Aug 23, 2002.

  1. well im sure theres a few fans on here and jus to let yall know they have been canned for some stupid stupid shit.......man radio sucks bad enough but to take away this show is jus a fuckin travesty......nothin made drivin more bearable then them.....im jus fuckin pissed to hear this
  2. is this a national radio show? or is it back east or somethin? Ive never heard of it
  3. Yeah thats not the last you'll hear of them. They will def be getting airtime somewhere..just a matter of time. they are funny guys...funny as hell getting people to "do it" wherever you can. It was even funnier to see the couple that got caught in St Patricks Cathedral get national news coverage. id be laughing.
  4. nubbin they are actually national......i know out west they have a few cities and pretty much are broadcasted over the nation.......the thing that pisses me off is they got fired for somethin i didnt even think was that bad or funny
  5. thats odd..Ive never heard of them...Ive got the loveline, and that wrestling rock and roll show(name slipped my mind), but never heard of those guuys
  6. well the sad think nub is you may never hear of them :( :( :(

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  7. Phishhead says they're really funny but I've never heard them in actuality...

    If you ask me, having sex in a Catholic Church is the least of our country's worries!!

    I have a feeling these guys will pop up on another station right quick. If they're as popular as this place seems to think, then radio stations would be too stupid to not jump @ the chance.

    We had a guy out here who got fired for something-or-other and next thing I know I'm finding out he's working in Chicago!

    It's all about which station is willing to walk on that edge.


  8. YES!!! these people make me smile!!! go ahead, make a law against that!! lol, ganj Im just gonna follow you around and agree with everything you say! hehe ;)

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