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opiates... yummm

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by waterhurley, May 31, 2009.

  1. well my roomate just got out of surgery for his neck where he got some serious work done (C1 and C2 fused with 4 screws and 2 pins) where he was expected to spend 7 days and got out in 1. they gave him 120 10-325 percs and his friend gave him 10 fentanyl patches.

    he hates fentanyl and gave me 2 for free. they happen to be 100mcg jelly patches. so him and i are getting fucked up on opiates. he also gave me a few percs which im going to hold onto for another day. bud ive dabbed a little and im feelin fine. also puttin back a couple of bud lights and enjoying my night in front of the TV with my room mate :)

    anyone else gettin fucked up and watchin tv? :hello: im blowing off a party due to a twisted ankle and feeling shitty.

    BTW, before the flamers think, i am a well expierenced opiate user and have used patches many times before.
  2. What do the patches do to you? I it basically a high that last for a few hours since its from the patch?
  3. It is one of the most intense opiate highs one can ever experience
  4. They seem really fun, wish I could cop a few. =x
    Have fun man!
  5. Fun but extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. This is nothing like percocets :p

    Too much of one patch and consider yourself dead :eek:

  6. its a 72 hour patch that i dont wear, i cut open and suck and a VERY TINY bit of jelly


    trust me dont fuck with them unless u have expierence

    yep. seen it happen to someone (dicided to needle it vs. just sucking on it)

    my rommate was on aa 90ml/hr fentanyl drip for his surgery last night.
  7. I'm use to hydrocodone. I can get myself a fentanyl patch...what should I do with it?
  8. decide weather you want that intense of an opiate high.... and if the answer is yes decide how long how fucked u wanna be.... and if you wanan be fucked up for a while but be real fucked up, u wear the patch as it is perscribed and ur goin for 3 days.... if u wanna get real fucked for a little bit, cut it open and squeeze out the jelly in VERY small amounts (like the tip of an eraser, maybe smaller) and dab it under your tounge and hold on. wait 20-30 mins to test threshold before taking any more....

    its very intense and addicting. 1mg of fentanyl = 100mg of morphine. 1 patch = 10mg fentanyl
  9. If your use to hydrocodone i recommend you use stronger opiates before fent...OC, dillys, opana, morphine, heroin, then maybe some fent...Up to you though
  10. Fentynol is pretty powerful. Ive heard of tons and know a few people who OD'd on the lollipops.

    Actually alot of Stamp Bags of "Heroin" are really Fentynol cut with Quinine.
  11. Someone wants to sell me a patch with 20 whatever the mesuerments are for 45 bucks I wanted to try it but want to know how to take it first. I've been an opiate addi t for 3yrs and snort 8mg diluadid and snort 40mg oxys so to get high or fucked up what should I do I also have a very high tolerance if u do t want to tell me here pm me
  12. I've done Morphine before, it did not do much for me. I prefer Hydrocodone.
  13. fentanyl is NOT morphine. it is 100x the strength as stated earlier
  14. If youve been doing opiates you should have that under control. Do you shoot? I know theres a way to cook it and shoot, but I've never done it. If not just cut it in half and suck on it for 20 minutes. That will let you know if you should eat the other half.

    Either you didnt really do morphine or you took a REAL low dose. Morphine REALLY makes me itchy, and its much stronger than Hydrocodones.
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    You can't tell someone else how he reacts to opiates. Everyone reacts differently man.

    And just because one opiate is stronger doesnt mean it's better. If you care about how strong they are, you might as well mainline some heroin.

    Nice grabs OP. This kinda goes without saying, but have fun!!

    Don't listen to anyone saying anything about shooting fent patches. Even if you had a way to measure exactly how much you had in a syringe, it would be TERRIBLE for you. I've seen people shoot fent gel on private hard-drug forums, and it's completely whack. Glycerin doesn't belong in your vein.

    I was lucky enough to get IV fent in the hospital. Right after I got a tube of dilaudid that "didn't work" lol.
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    never even had the opportunity to ask for a fentanyl patch. I got an OC80 right now though... waitin till tonight. I'll probably do half tonight half another time, or let a friend split it with me. Its been over a month, maybe two, so 40mg should have me jammed as fuck

    right on. I shoulda done that when they were iv'ing me demerol... but to be honest i was really enjoying the demerol haha. It was also my first opiate experience
  17. ive been IV'd demerol, diluadid, diazepam, lorazepam, alrazopam, fentanyl, and ketamine in the hospital. demerol and ketamine when i atually broke my wrist, gave it to me in the ER, got diazepam and alrazopam before surgery, fentanyl after surgery, demerol after i was in an accident, and a few other ER visits ended in one of the above
  18. The only thing I've done with Morphine is swallow it, never had it injected. Maybe thats why I don't care much for it. Besides, I like the feeling of Hydrocodone as oppose to what I did feel with the Morphine.

    In fact, Morphine just made it really difficult to use the bathroom. Same thing happened when I started Vicodin, but I got over that fast.
  19. nodding extemely nicly.. gonna close my eyes chill in my bed and listen to some tunes. great nss
  20. me too.. lovinn liffee

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