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Opiate Question

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ZtX, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. I have 2 oxycodone 10s and 3 percocet 5s. I also have a tramadol of 50 mg (I think).

    Would taking the tramadol on top of the 35 mg of oxycodone help at all?

    I know someone told me before to try it, but should I? I know tramadol is a substitute or whatever for an opiate, but I've gotten fucked up on them before. And I know you can get fucked up on them, it just takes more than I have.

    So should I just down everything?

    I have a low to moderate tolerance to oxycodones, that's why I need to add more, haha.
  2. Eh, just take the oxy, no real reason to even take the Tramadol, just save it for when you pull a muscle or have a bad headache or something.
  3. I don't think the oxys alone will give me anything though... "High"-wise.
  4. They certainly should, oxycodone is quite euphoric. 35mg should have you pretty fucked up, and feeling real good. Are any of them pure oxy or do they all have APAP in them? Oxy is still good orally, but snorting them you'd definitely be FuCkED up! But don't if the pills have APAP in them (Perc 5s def do, oxy 10 may or may not, depending on the preperation).
  5. I say down all 5 of them.. It will get the job done and then smoke some weed to intensify it about 20 minutes after you take them. I've done it before but I have a little higher tolerance.
  6. All have apap =[

    I wish I could rail it all.
  7. Well I guess the question standing is...

    Is adding the tramadol going to hurt me? Like, will I stop breathing at night...

    Also, is it even going to add/take away any effects?
  8. I wouldn't take the tramadol since the opiates would probably be enough, no sense in mixing them. Ive never even taken that before.

    Here's the plan. Ingest the two oxys, take 2 percocet and snort the other. That should get you on your way. Then smoke some herb :smoking:
  9. What about for future reference...

    Will the tramadol hurt to take it with the oxys?
  11. I did.

    After I drank.

    Haha, I think I like to be fucked up.
  12. Watch how much APAP you take in the next 24 hours.
  13. If you can handle 35mg's of oxy then taking those trams shouldnt hurt you one bit. There Mu opiate receptor activity is so low that if anything it will just kick the buzz of the oxy in harder. Basically if you have been messing with opies for atleast a few months you should be good. However if your still concerned do what i do, Dose slowly and slowly build up to where you wanna be at.
  14. The two drugs have no serious negative interactions.

    It's just a semi senthetic and full senthetic opiate.

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