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Opiate Potentiators...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Zepp, May 3, 2009.

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    Hey, Ive been looking around at different potentiators, and was wondering what you guys recommend. I have 8mg of hydromorphone and have no opie tolerance. Want to be nodding my ass off, but dont have the dose to do so.

    Is it ok to take like a shitload of different potentiators? Like can I take dark chocolate, grapefruit juice, benadryl, a benzo, and some alcohol and be fucked?
  2. I never heard of chocolate. I would say benedryl, small amount of alcohol/benzos.
  3. there was a big thread that listed all the potentiators a couple weeks ago, search for it imo.
  4. It was mine and was deleted because "I was advising people to mix drugs with their opiates" and that's a huge liability to GC apparently *cough*.
  5. well if you have some hydromorphone and are afraid of needles i suggest you sniff some. what is your tolerance like, if you have no tolerance you should not be potentiating anything. if you do have a tolerance you should know that oral bio availability is very low. this will come on very fast if you sniff, less than half if you dont and maybe the whole thing if you do have a tolerance, but start small and work your way up.

    GFJ works great, i find it lenghtens the high because of the enzimes in it, granted you get the right colord juice

    tangament works good also, has the same enzimes as GFJ

    benzos work great, but mixing opiates and benzos is a very god way to die, unless you know what your doing to say the least.

    no tolerance you dont need to potentiate shit.
  6. Ah damn that sucks. But everyone says grapefruit juice(not exactly a drug :) ) works, so try that. Personally i never noticed too much of a difference but it's not like it tastes that bad so worth a try right?
  7. What at-home things would help potentiate oxy taken orally? Its percoset so I can't snort it :(
  8. do a CWE and snort it
  9. if you have no tolerance and you have hydromorph i would think you wouldnt need any potentiators:confused:
  10. dude... that'll get you floored!
  11. There are a few that i know of. Promethazine is pretty good it's a sedative, or atarax an allergy medicine. Maybe some grapefruit juice. Anything that sedates you tends to potentiate opiates

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