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  1. I have 2 and a half 5/500 vicodins and 1 5/375 OC. Im taking the 2.5 vikes, but I want stronger effects, my question is can I take the vicodin along with the OC? will the effects cancel out or build on each other? Is this recommended?
  2. Yes, the OC if you mean oxycodone or oxycontin is wayyyy stronger than vidodin. But is nice.
  3. They are both 5 mg pills. The vic wont do much, but the oxy will give you a very clear headed, body draining high.
    You can break the oxy in half and chew it instead of swallowing it. This gets rid of the time release and
    this gives you a high comparable to taking a couple of percs.
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    I dunno how they interact with each other. Let me tell you a story from last week...

    I went to work last Sunday and this girl had a scrip to 5mg Hydrocodones and 5mg OCs. That night she sold me 1 and 1/2 Hydros and an OC for like 6 bucks. I took them the next morning before class at like 10:30a.m. Man, I got a buzz after like 30 mins. but then I got that heavy, nauseas feeling. I almost wanted to go throw up during the middle of class but I held it together. It seems like when I take a couple 5mg OCs by themself I get this great euphoria, but when I mixed it with another opiate it kinda makes me sick... Dunno why. Maybe the way each chemical, which are molecularly different, affect the brain and body. I'm not chemist or pharmacist, so whatev.

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