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opiate hype?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by JahGanja, May 11, 2009.

  1. last night i expiermented with opiates for the first time. I have heard people rave about them on this forum and in person so i decided i'd give it a try. Needless to say i wasnt blown away. I took 20mg so maybe it wasnt as high of a dose and i would need to reach full opiate appreciation. about 30 minutes after i felt that warm blanket people describe and had a nice body buzz and i smoked a couple bowls with is. It was nice dont get me wrong, but nothing i can see myself making a habit of.

    p.s. im not trying to degrade opiates or their user, to each their own

    edit: they were hydrocodone 5 mg pills
  2. Eh, try shooting heroin or snorting Oxy, that'll have ya on the nod.
  3. you did 20mg of hydrocodone,
    try railing a full 80 then tell me they aren't the shit loooooool
  4. yeah man, I can def see why it's the "new thing" even with HS kids, e is kinda over, there's no acid around and pills are so easy and cheap. just makes sense, 20 gets you bars and percs, and you might as well have eaten e, but no brain goo (jk e lovers)
  5. yo the most i did was about 60mg so ya they are the shit but i dont make them a habit i dont like coke or herioin nothing like that i have seen to much bad shit thats happended because of herioin
  6. E is definitely over. I don't know why anyone would buy the bullshit the majority of dealers push as 'ecstasy'. Here in the city, mushrooms and acid are incredibly uncommon. That leaves everyone with Weed, Heroin, Coke, and Pharms. Problem with pharms, though, is that they simply aren't cheap here. Opiates are fantastic, but they get very, very expensive.
  7. ill stick with weed and percasets
  8. percs are hydrocodone.... which is an opiate.....

  9. perc's have oxycodone and tylenol

  10. /end of thread
  11. its all good, wish i had some ...
  12. Hydrocodone is weak. Taking them and basing your opinion of opiates on it is like smoking the schwiggiest schwag and saying "i don't see why these potheads think this stuff is so great"
  13. I never enjoy opiates until i take them for a while.

    like say, if I haven't had any in atleast a week or two then i'm not that interested and when I do them they aren't that good.

    It's almost like I have to be withdrawing from them a little for them to be good.

    i've been doing 7.5 mg's a night just to feel a little nice while im going to sleep then I took a day off and did 15 the night after that and nodded for an hour or so. I actually prefer hydrocodone though, i find it less edgy and more warm and fuzzy all around, but i need like 40mg's just do get the same buzz as my oxy.

    I'd recommend you try taking them for a few days and see how they start to feel on the third day, whenever I take them for a few days for a surgery or dental extraction it's ussually the beginning of a month or two of opiate appreciation, and then i'll stop for 6 months and forget about them until they fall into my hands again

    sorry, i'm rambling, but i think i made my point
  14. Hmmm...I'd say just be glad you didn't enjoy the opiate experience too much, as it leads no where good in most cases. With that said, it took me 4+ times of taking hydrocodone to get any effect whatsoever, so persistence pays off for some.

    To the people knocking hydro, to each their own. It may be technically "weaker" than Oxy, heroin or fent, but many people prefer it over the others. I know I prefer it to oxycodone. In fact, it's my opiate of choice. So yeah.
  15. hydrocodone can't compare to oxymorphone, soo much more euphoria
    i feel for anyone who hasn't had that pleasure :p
    but as other people said, you need MORE than just a few tab 5's
    pop a tab 10, and like an oxycodone 10 and you'll be close to the wonderful nods in no time
  16. i think you should recognize the fact every drug affects every person differently, for some people hydrocodone can be way more euphoric than oxy, it is your preference, there is no "better" opiate, only different opiates
  17. Unless you're a rockstar, opiates can't be used with any regularity for practicality reasons. Certainly not like weed. Please keep this in mind before you follow some of the advice in this thread.
  18. Hydrocodone is very weak, and needs high dosages. No dosage so far has provided any euphoria for me. I recommend you do 40-60mg of Oxycodone.
  19. Unless you're addicted then you need them to function?

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