Opiate help plz - vicodin 5/500

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  1. I'm gonna try hydrocodone for the second time tomorrow and I have a question...

    My friend gave me a bottle of 20 5mg/500mg hydrocodones(generic vicodin) and I only took 2 last time.. I took 1 (Broke it in half & swallowed) waited to see how I felt(dipping my toes into the water veeeeeeeery slowly haha) and after about 35 minutes took another(also broken & swallowed). I didn't feel much so I want to try a higher dose.

    So my question is this: Is 1500mg or 2000mg of APAP taken all at once dangerous at all? Should I do a CWE for so few pills?
  2. That wont hurt you at all man.
  3. yes you will be fine, enjoy!!
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    If it makes ya feel any better..

    I'm 5'1 and about 130lbs.

    I just swallowed 6, 10mg/325mg APAP vicodin and two 25mg Benadryl to potentiate them. Saving my other four for the probable sickness tomorrow.

    It still won't affect me as much as I would hope.

    EDIT: I Guess I should tell you that taking that much APAP IS NOT SAFE. But, Im a stubborn prick and don't really care about it at this point.
  5. Awesome : ] Thanks guys.

    Oh and I don't have benendryl.. Will doxylamine(anti-histamine in niquil) boost hydrocodone?

    Edit: I'm 5'11" and 145lbs if that makes a difference.
  6. I would assume so. Almost all antihistamines will potentiate opiates. Also, orange juice is your friend, bro!

    enjoy man. be safe, and aware of addiction. ;)

    edit: with your body size, you should be more then okay.
  7. Back when i was arround 16/ 5" 10/ 130LB and i got a prescription of Vicodin for my burns. i took like 7 -12 x/650 and still lived even though i threw up like 7 times in one day, no high or euporia tho :(.

  8. I'm definitely aware of the threat of addiction. I'm spacing my experiences at least 5 days apart and I doubt I'll search for more pills after I run through this bottle. I'm sure I'll be fine. I have a strong will and a non-addictive personality.

  9. I did too.


    But, I'm not doubting ya bro! Enjoy man.. it's such a fun.. fun.. fun.. experience!
  10. I know dose q's are taboo but... ;)

    How much hydro will make me "nod"?
  11. To answer your above question on the OP.. the LD50 is 1000mg.

    But, In my long journey of opiates... I have taken probably 3000mg? It probably did some damage to my liver, but I don't recall any 'OD' effects. I would say 1500 max would maybe be safe. Anything above, CWE.

    Also, I've never done enough hydro to nod.. so I guess i donno

  12. Bold is hydrocodone and underline is apap right?
  13. Never nodded off hydro.

    The liver starts taking damage at either 4 or 8 grams.
    What's on the label is an exageration

  14. Thank you that's put alot of worries to rest :D

    I want to have fun but liver damage can't be worth it.
  15. That's alot of APAP for a small amount of hydrocodone, I'd do the CWE and get at least 20mg from it. (Just in my opinion, I have little to no opiate tolerance).
    Goodluck homie.
    P.S. I've never nodded off hydros, I've taken up to 6, 7.5mg's and never had a problem aside sweet, sweet euphoria!
  16. if it make syou feel any better im about 6ft 185 and took 5000 of apap back in the day and i was fine until that next morning an all i had was a stomach pain. but this isnt my advise that it isnt safe, apap is horrile on your stomach and digestive system(like any pill) but i think 20mg of hydro would do fine for you with some antihistamines and i guess OJ liek codone said, to seperate the binders from the opiods and also take a antiacid a couple min before you take them and youll squeeze out another 2 hr high outa it. also if you get some white fresh grapefruit juice drink it 30 min befroe taking the pills or antiacid ut be careful because ive heard GFJ also potentiates apap. wow i wrote alot but i hope it helps.

  17. when that happened did the front of your tongue go kinda numb/tingly?
    and kind of an pulsating pain effect on the side of your stomach?

    i think i had an APAP OD from darvocet 100-n ate like 10 of them fuckers and they have 500apap
  18. idk about the tounge thing but yeah my stomach was pulsing and each time it pulsed it would burn and feel likea hudred ninves. it was bad until my uncle gave me a zantac and the pain went away, took 300 2 days later too, probly shounvt have done that:p
  19. break up three eat em wait till they kik in then break two more and eat em and you should be chillin
  20. dude, youll be fine.
    i just discovered hydrocodone ive also got the 5/500
    im in 5 right now
    im sure u heard this but u build up a high tolerance for it fast!
    ive done it 4 times and 1st time i took 3 then 4 then 4 again now 5

    i dont get why people say the 500 of tylenol is the bad part
    i take tylenol for my fucking gnarly painful as fuck cramps, and i take like 6 at one time even 7 cause there brutal and im good.

    guess im a natural pill popper
    but yeah depends on the person always.
    but yeah the 500 of tylenol doesnt scare me im used to that
    im a little more skeptic on whats the max of actual mg of hydrocodone one could take

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