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Opiate hangover

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Coheed, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. Anyone else get a hangover from opiates? My first experience with opiates was with percs, and felt like crap for a few days afterwords. After that I swore I'd never touch opiates again, but we all know how that goes, lol. Since then I haven't had a hangover when taking percs. Now last night I took 150mg of tramadol, it was a decent high but I've felt pretty sick all day today. I wouldn't think tramadol would be strong enough to do this to me but I'm still not feeling quite myself. Any good remedies to this? I've been thinking on sparking some bud here soon.
  2. With any drug, it has it's shitty after affects. Opiates especially, depends on dose, and how often ingested, but they'll creep up on you a fuck your whole life up.

    oh, and coheed & cambria kick fucking ass dude. nice name.
  3. Every single morning after I take opiates, I'm high for about two or three hours after I wake up. At least, assuming I fell asleep high the previous night.
  4. ehh I hate opiate hangovers. easily the worst hangover of any drug ive ever done.
  5. Ehh i usually enjoy nodding at night and just waking up in the morning still feeling slight effects, than i usually just smoke a nice L and im pretty much set for the day.. and sometimes i get by with a little help from my friends (bars) lol.. :smoking:
  6. Really? I actually fucking love the opiate hangover, it's like I'm high but still functional.
  7. Just woke up right now after going all out on about 300mg of demerol both snorted and parachuted and ate and whatever way will fuck you up faster lol. Work is gonna be a long night.

    I cant put my finger on this feeling but its strange, like you said, not quite yourself. Im not withdrawing or puking up shit or any of that but its just like I dont feel like doing anything because nothing would interest me Lol

    How is somebody supposed to feel on a opiate hangover?
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    yeah, well im also super sensitive to opiate neasua so thats probably why. I can be puking my guts out for hours when I wake up off hydrocodone.

    for me a opiate hangover is extreme naseua, throwing up, feel like you got hit by a truck, sensitive to light, PALE face, and when its really bad ill just be puking up stomach acid or some shit for the first half of the day and laying in bed the second.

    the really sick part is ill use till my opiates are gone.
  9. You should feel like you're buzzing, and very "noddy" and tired, but still euphoric like an opiate should be. No matter what, I always blow chunks about 2 hours after I wake up from an opiate hangover, though. No matter fucking what.
  10. really? i've never thrown up once from an opiate hang over. or from opiates for that matter. ive only thrown up from dope once, and that was only bcuz i did like a .4 with no tolerance. not all at once, but within a few minutes of each other.
  11. I'm never nauseaus (sp?) during my high, or during my hangover for that matter. But ususally, about 2 hours after I wake up from an opiate binge the night before, I suddenly get this weird taste in my mouth, and I start vomiting uncontrollably for about 10 seconds. Then the nausea subsides again, and I feel totally normal and a little bit less high.

  12. definitely weird as hell. that's unheard of lol.
  13. Oh well. At least I'm unique! :) haha
  14. smoking bud is the hangover cure.
  15. Weed just makes my booze hangovers a lot worse. I've heard different from others though.
  16. the truth.

    you're just a lot different skum huh? lol thats cool.
  17. I'm just a fucking drug freak apparently.

  18. I always feel really good the next day. Like better for having dosed with OC the night before. The trick is only having it at most once a week. I'm not addicted, but my body craves it after about 6-7 days, and the next day i'm in a really good mood :hello:
  19. I love doing opiates. Who doesn't? I really, really hate the day after. especially when I'm dry and i've done all my drugs the previous night
  20. I never get a hang over after i do some OC the next day i just feel like high still which i think is nice. Ive never yacked while high on OC or afterwards i guess im just lucky...

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