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    3-4 day's into veg after transplant Dj Shorts Berry Kush.. or so I was told by an unconfirmed honest person as of so far... we will see:devious:

    4 of these :)

    Don't really know what else I should be saying considering this is my first time doing this but.. it's amazing, exciting and a incredible learning experience all rolled up into a big fat ass super sticky joint..

    I'm using 1 Yield Master AC Classic 1000 watt Eye Hortilux HPS
    with 6 inch ducting, 1 Valuline Centrifugal fan and a Egrowclean? Carbon Filter that I picked up for around 45.95$..

    baby clone's are in 5 gallon grow bag's... don't hate :smoke: they were cheap.

    Temperature is around 77-81 throughout the day and drops to about 65-67 during the night..

    Humidity is around .. 30's to low 40's throughout the day..

    Using a 4x8x6 grow tent..

    My babies like to listen to Mozart, currently Bob Marley, Epic Film Scores..for EPICNESS! :metal:and Jazzy Hip-Hop.. as well as Classic Rock ie., Pink Floyd!

    Doing 18/6.. me and my room-mate pretty much have the same schedule as them..

    On the back burner.. Have some Fire OG's clones growing in the dome in the Kitchen...

    I dropped a DJ Short by accident in the toilet..:cool:. and it's doing pretty good I must say.. I thought for sure it was a goner.. but it's a beast.

    Alright im gonna go check out everyone's journals!

    Shout out to all the Vet's on here!:smoke:

    Pictures to come as soon as I take them!

  2. how do i add images? Any help would be appreciated.. going back to playing Sky Rim now!

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