Operation Pipeworks

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    I have ripped the DVD, beautiful movie, I am sending it to anyone that PM's me their email address, or a way to upload over 700 megs. Or upto 700 megs, greatly appreciate it,
  2. I hate bringing up an old thread like this, but honestly, DO NOT join this forum and PM me your email address, as, I honestly don't know who you are, MEMBERS with at least 5 posts only please.

    Alas, I have gotten 32 PM's about this movie, none from any MEMBERS, all had zero posts, I am NOT down with that.

    Why should you get something for free because you signed up and asked it? This is for the great members of grass city, almost a gift to them, for being part of this community of marijuana enthusiests. Anyone can google the word "Operation Pipeworks" and see this thread, but honestly, I'm only interested in giving it to people that are FROM Grass City.

    Call me an asshole, stubborn , and stupid, I just think our members deserve a certain amount of respect, and signing up to ask me for something free is not a way to gain it from me. Any MEMBERS of GC that would like a copy, please either PM me, or post in this thread, and I will get it to you.

    I bought this movie, for 55 DOLLARS, the LAST copy that was on shelves, the only way to get it now is to get it used, which I had to do, from a head shop in Canada, glass is amazing, always loved it, so , I was willing to pay 55 dollars for this, and want to spread the love.

    Oh, and if anyone has any ideas as to where I could just upload this, I would gladly do it, it's around 700 mb, can't find anything, I don't feel like sending this to each individual person , would rather just send the link. This is LEGAL also, all I am doing is using my copy of something I purchased, I am uploading something I bought to a site, so please, NO infractions or warnings, I see threads like this A LOT, mine seem to always go "outside the rules" some how.

    Please just PM me if this thread is NOT appropriate! I will gladly delete it.

    One Love All
  3. hey chillnsmoke i just pmed u recently regarding the movie but i doubt you can send it to me through email...you can upload it a much easier way using megaupload.com, signups free and the maximum upload limit is about 1000 megabytes i believe.

    thnx for helpin out a fellow toker :bongin:
  4. Whats this movie about?
  5. hey, I tried to PM you, but it wouldn't work. Said you chose not to recieve them. Well, I'm new but interested in the movie. And very much enjoying this forum
  6. Hey ChillnSmoke I would really appreciate a link for that if you get a chance. Thanks man!
  7. yo i just started blowing could i get those links mann? thanks il pm u also.

    ^^^ nice xxfinnacexx ron paul FTW

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