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  1. Okay welcome, im really baked right now and i have the best feeling of connection. you know how growers say they feel connected with earth, well listen to this: i jus looked at my seeds and they hadnt cracked yet, then i go and smoke and come back, gone for less than 20 mins and the seeds have cracked, how amazing is that, i feel so connected right now tho . . .

    Anyway... Here's the setup:

    3/10 5 seeds out into cup of warm water 3 look bad, 2 look very good

    3/11 2 good seeds have sunk when returned from school, all seeds transported to water towel dish, 11:00 1 seed has sprouted tap root other one has cracked, other seeds are white and now signs of improvement

    now this batch of seeds is for an indoor grow that will become outdoor if size or problems with parents become an issue

    i have 2 plots in the woods, 15-20 a piece and maybe another site with 5 plants

    in +2 weeks 60 seeds will be germinated and kept in closet for 1-2 weeks

    not sure on lightsetup, will be using 13w fluoro until i find out whut the light setup will be or as a backup a 500 watt fluro that raises the temp to 60 C if conditions outdo the 13w

    questions so far
    1. when is the best time to plant after the tap root comes out
  2. 3/12 good seed had 3/4 inch taproot on return from school so i planted it, other seeds still do not show a taproot if they dont sprout by tommaro im going to resoak them in a cup and transplant to paper towel if they sink
  3. 3/14 have resoaked re-papertowel methoded the seeds have lost all hope but have them chillin on top of my comp screen for the hell of it

    the seed planted in closet is at soil level
  4. 3/16 2 more seeds sprouted, but mold is growing planted the 2 seeds and threw the other 2 out, 1 seed looks very promising
  5. once you get past this point its easy :)
  6. idk i have very low expectations im using shit soil, and its my first time, i didnt know how to explain it so i didnt but one of the seeds had cracked open on both sides it still only had like a 1/8" inch taproot, but the stem was coming out the other side so that one i planted at soil level the other one planted not very deep, as for the 1 plant growin i think its goin to die, it doesnt look very healthy if so it would be from shock and poor soil, that plant actually started growing the stem before it penetrated the soil, i jus got bad luck, anyway im glad im learning all this before my main grow
  7. 3/17 marijuana is all dead, damnit shoulda known better than to use reg soil, it jus couldnt hold the water they needed, anyway bout a week til i start germin for my outdoor grow, this time will buy potting soil
  8. you need to burry them about 1/4" taproot down or put them just under the soil level and put a layer of wet vermiculte to hold in moisture while allowing the seed somehing light to mush through. pull back the lights till teh sporut pops up otherwise it will dry out the soil too much. Then later once the sprout needs it's first watering you blow away the dry verm and lay more soil to 1/2 below the first node then water. I like to transplant them from the towel to the soil when they have a 1/16-1/8" taproot. Make sure the taproot is surrounded by soil and water then the sprout will grow like mad since it has a small amount of nutes. and make sure you never touch the taproot, use good twezers.
  9. trust me it aint cuz i got a brown thumb or nothin it was the soil, today half my morning glories sprouted while i was at school im expecting the next half tommorow, but the extra mg seeds which i planted in the same soil as the bud, its taproot jus shrivled up and it died, if u saw the soil u would see, it jus would not hold water, and i didnt have the lightrs on before they sprouted anyway so the lights werent drying the soil, anyway i feel confident about succesfully germin the seeds for my main grow especially with how good these morning glories turned out, most are over an inch high already and looking really healthy

    edit: am getting a camera soon so i will be able to post pics of the mg and also my setup, and pics of the upcoming germing and the outdoor grow
  10. 3/20 there are 19 morning glories under 3 65 watt flurors, getting 2 100 watt hps's in +1-2 weeks, 19 mg's are at 4 inches, 60 mj plants to start in +1-2 weeks
  11. Shit 60! :D nice! How do you plan to water that many plants? How do you plan to prepare the plot? Do you have much practice starting seeds? You could do a 4-8 plant practice now and if they grow good, sex them and clone the best female. Run a short season using more smaller clones and planting later in the season, giving you more time to set up your plots over time. And dont waste any time with pulling males, or missing them and geting seeded bud.
  12. im gonna buy a shitload of styrofoam cups and start 60 of them then im gonna grow them until about 8 inches maybe less and then transplant them straight to the ground, water will be annoying but i wont be doing it for a long period of time and im only planting 40 plants prolly 2 plots of 20 give or take, both plots are less then 5 feet above a stream, and dont worry i already now about flooding, i had bad luck sprouting my first seeds because of soil, but i was real succesful with the morning glories and succesful sprouting the tap root on the mj seeds i started, the plots have already been raked free so there jus clean soil on top, im going to dig 8 inch all around holes and fill with a topsoil, potting mix, then transplant the cups into those holes, i dont kno really trust myself to be able to clone succesfully so im not gonna deal with it im jus gonna have to be real careful and check my plants at least every other day in june to make sure i dont get seeded bud, but if i do its not gonna be the end of the world, with 40 plants ill deffinitely have enough bud a few seeds here and there wont hurt, shit one more thing jus thought off shud i use those little plastic dixie cups (not the paper ones) because i might have these things for up to 2 weeks in my closet? and if ur wondering why im sprouting so many seeds its because i dont have the healthiest lookin seeds close to half are light grey or white, although i am buying one mroe batch before i start (those will also be bagseed tho, i have to buy it because as hard as i try i cant find seeded bud aroudn here), think thats everything, any mroe questions ask away, ur helping me to get my thoughts straight too
  13. Make sure you dont overveg them. Make sure you can still tape a cup on top without damaging the plants so you can transport them. Have you read my new post on preparing a plot in outdoor growing at the top? Dont waste your time or money on poting soil its just peat/pearlite with some topsoil. Make a good organic plot with bat guano's and expanded coco coir bricks. Use a pitchfork place your amendments on top and turn in a 2x2' area about 1' deep for each plant.

    1.5-2 weeks veg sounds about right. Use big solo cups so they have rootspace and when you put the cup on top to transport they have more room. This gives them a better chance to survive. But I have tons of solo cups from summer keg parties so i guess im baised :D I grow everyting in them :D

    Only check your plants every two week's or so for males. i would check them monthly watering, feeding and sutff and when you start to see sexes come back in two weeks to pull males them come back again 1-2 week's after that and water ect and pull males. from then on just do a monthly visit or less.

    Will you have any plot security like a camera?

    Use a H20 sunshower at first and from then on in, hope you have wet veg seaon :l .
  14. i only picked spots so good that they dont need any security, im planting in the ground anyway whats a camera gonna do, not like i can transplant em might warn me of the po but theyll never find the spots... hopefully lol,

    grower ill pm u after i get my outdoor grow up about salvia or shroom samples/spores
  15. 3/28 morning glory plants are at a foot most have second set of leaves open, still lazy about transplanting, starting my other plants, getting a digital camera, and i gotta move my lights up soon, but hey ill get to it sometime pics should be up within the next week, also wondering since im growing these as perenials should i put them on 12/12 in a month or so and then switch back after i get some flowers? just so i can see a little of the product?, anyway ill upsdate soon peace
  16. Put them outside and they should auto flower then re-veg then youll seethe end of the year harvest too. As long as your under 24/7 now it should work. Same goes with mj. YOu need a few hunderd seeds to get a trip off them. So i doubt you could even get a dose grown indors. If you want an indoor plant to produce LSA seeds buy hawiian baby woodrose. There perenial but dont flower the first year. they grow like morning glorys but the stem gets thisnk and woody and the leavas are about 4x larger. 5 seeds is a trip and you gat 4 seeds per flower. I ordered some seeds of them and im going to gow it wraped tightly around a 4" PVC pipe or mabey bigger so the foliage will grow kind of like a bush.
  17. lol ur just beggin me to put them outside, there deff stayin in and if 17 plants at 8 feet each dont create a dose ill be very suprised, anyway i have to raise my growroom today, which is made out of stack n racks 1 deep 2 high 4 wide, after tonight 3 high, also i was wondering do the plants growth hormone or whatever makes them grow does it goto the top of the plant or to the highest point cuz i was planning on training them to go up and down a few times, if it goes to the highest point ill just have to move them more often, but im still going to try, and grower this is not so much for a high or whatever its jus because i enjoy growing them indoors, and gettin fucked up off them is an extra
  18. yea man i put mine out today. Last year I trained them to grow down. It's not much of training its more like runing strings, but carefully. The growth top always points up and trys to climp. Its not like if oyu lower the top the lower shoots wil come out because ther are none. I did top one of my plants ang dot 3 tips but that was a mistake and it took 2 weeks to recover while the others were 9" this one was only 4".
  19. glories are at 30-40 inches now tallest one is at 41 inches starting to toss around what im gonna do for permanent lighting, ill show a drawn-pic of ym growroom, im at 16 plants and might select and transplant 10 so they can have maximum root growth, theyre pretty crowded right now, idk ive been lazy lately and trying to get my dirtbike running, i at least finally bought some soil for the mjs im gonna start i still would like another 20 seeds or so incase i have a low germ rate, i really have to get on that within the next week or two, idk maybe spring break . . .

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  20. 4/12 i redid my lights like i said i was gonna, but i still need one moer 4 foot fluoro the glories are at around 45 inches tallest is at 61 inches, i started 25 pot seeds last night this grow might end up being smaller then i thought but i still have alot of seeds thing is im expecting a low germ rate, but well kno in a couple days, still waiting on a digital camera

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