Operation Northwoods

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  1. Still think your government would never harm you? :rolleyes: Think again:

    Operation Northwoods - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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  3. I know but I just found out about it today from a post on another thread

  4. I bet if you use the search button you'd find a couple threads about it already...
  5. It's a conspiracy!.jpg lol

  6. [​IMG]

  7. my bad guys :eek:
  8. But did anyone die from these acts of terrorism?
  9. it really doesn't matter that Kennedy put the Kibosh on it, the CIA wanted to do it. This very same organization exists today, often in tension with other branches of government. The real tradgedy of conspiracy theories is that they distract from the actual fucked up ship world governments do. So, I do think people should be clear that faking terror attacks is not something our government is above.
  10. Sometimes I dream of robbing a bank. Should I get booked for armed robbery?

    I'm not saying it's not monumentally fucked up, or that you shouldn't be critical of motivations, but you also shouldn't shoe horn facts to fit into your personal goals.
  11. yeah, and I think that the conspiracy theory mindset is a form of delusion, but I think that there is a very big space for cynicism, considering the actual facts.
  12. They say the attacks were never carried out, but didn't release any info until 30+ years later. Makes you wonder what kind of stuff they are doing right now that they won't release until 50+ years from now.
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    No need for my bads. There is a SHITLOAD of information out there to be found about quite a few 'secret projects'. Don't stop there. Look into Project Camelot as well as projects Blue Beam and Pegasus just to name a FEW. John Lear and Andrew Basiago are also good people to start looking into.

    To anyone out there, your govt is hiding so much more than you know/ dont know. No I dont wear a tin hat or any of that other shit. I go on facts as well as what I hear from VERY VERY credible/ credentialed persons/ people, that's all.
    That's the thing. The shit they're doin right now will be obsolete just about to them but breaking news to us 50+ years from now.

  14. Another very good one

    Operation Midnight Climax - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    If you actually read the document it shows that it was a staged thing on a military base... nobody would actually be killed.

    Go to the "Content" section of the link you posted and actually read things before you post.
  16. i think you have too much faith in CGI
  17. CGI?
    What does that have to do with reading the text on Wikipedia your own self posted?

    how bout you scroll down and read the details.

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