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  1. My friends dog was most likely stolen by his ex girlfriend when she moved all her stuff out. When they broke up she drew all over his walls and shit and on his guitars so this bitch is capable of taking a dog. The dog is basically been missing for two weeks so she most likely has it.

    I'm basically about to stalk her all day to see if she ever takes the dog out because she doesn't know me. Once the dog is seen the police can be involved because they have already been notified, and take the dog back.

    I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to follow a person and also what to do when I'm staking out her house. She may also be hiding the dog at a friends house so this could be an all day thing.

    Some private investigator shit haha:smoke:
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    For starters, stalking is fucking illegal, Sherlock, and if you get caught stalking a GIRL, then that's pretty much the signal for everyone to label you as a potential sex offender and definitely a creepy motherfucker for the rest of your life. Secondly, if this bitch flipped out so bad, then call the damn cops and have them deal with the dog and the other stuff she did. The guy should press all kinds of charges against that nut, anyway.
  3. ouch. My friends talked to the chief of police and said its perfectly legal, how does a private investigator do his work? if i swapped the words stalking with observing maybe the reaction would be different.

    Also sex offender, how could this even happen?
    its not like ill be jerking off in my car while im on stakeout
  4. well if u were an animorph this would all be easy
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    You suck at lying.

    Because they are trained and have licenses.
  6. Well first off being a P.I you need a license...

    but I think what Kerfluffel said was a little harsh, I would do the same thing and I don't think you would get labeled a sex offender because your simply trying to find your friend's dog. Hope you find it mang.
  7. I said he could be labeled as a potential sex offender, likely by the same idiots that think everyone that smokes weed also does meth and crack or whatever. Stupid people make stupid associations and refuse to listen to reason once they've gotten an idea in their head, regardless of how much evidence to the contrary they are presented with.
  8. Of course its legal. Especially if your doing the polices job for them.

    Just remember to never get to close, its better to call it a day than the target know your watching.

    You can also try other tactics, fake phone calls from the vet or w/e. I don't know the circumstances but that is one way to have the target reveal information they wouldn't regularly do.

    Make sure you NEVER impersonate a LEO.
    NEVER threaten.

  9. How can you tell me im lying? my friend texted me like 6 times ysterday reassuring me i couldn't get in any trouble for some observing. hes not the kind of person to lie to me

    also why be such a dick? i just asked a question i know im not a power user on this site or whatever but i lurk enough to notice people cant get strait answers on here anymore without some attitude or someone saying something retarded

    i also didnt realize the reason P.I.'s can do it was because they have licenses, if i was so versed in this field i wouldnt have asked these questions in the first place:p
  10. for someone that has over 6000+ posts I thought you would not take things so personally, I was just saying you were being a little harsh because you WERE being a little harsh. His friend got his dog stolen (probably), maybe its cause Im a dog lover but that's sad news.

    Oh unless your post wasnt directed at me, then i apologize

    Maybe smoke some pot friend, calm your nerves.

  11. thank you, the police cant do anything because she told them she didnt have the dog

    i am a leo:eek: haha
  12. Stalking is illegal.

    Surveillance isnt ;)

    There are many guides on how its done. Due to the path I took to get them, I can say no more.
  13. Lol your a LEO?

    Don't forget to use your buddies on the force for back-up and assistance.

    First thing I would try is as soon as the target leaves the house/apartment go up to the door and knock for a while, try and do things that would rile a dog up into barking. If you hear a bark, check the windows for a visual and move on from there.
  14. First off, I'm not trying to be a dick here, just give you some advice.

    Unless you're friend is a lawyer or LEO, I wouldn't be taking his advice as to what you can and cannot get in trouble for.

    If she spots you as following her and calls the cops, you're going to have a hell of a time explaining yourself as to why you are "there", especially if "there" is nowhere you would have a reason to be...like ever. No, we're not exactly Nazi Germany, but sometimes it can sure seem that way when being questioned by the cops. Just be prepared to have your shit straight IF you do get questioned, that's all.

    And yes, P.I.'s do have to be licensed. Part of that is merely revenue generation, but part of it does go back to training, and knowing what you can and cannot do legally.

    You shouldn't have too many issues though. You are going to find out though that following someone to watch for them to do something specific is about as boring as it can get. You might find it worth it just to hire a P.I. for this and the other legal reasons.
  15. i meant as in my astrological sign hahah
    thanks though, we think the dog could possibly somewhere else because it doesnt get along well with other dogs and where she lives she has two dogs, but ill def try that

    unfortunately she is at her parents house now and they are on vacation, so they arnt there to talk some sense into her
  16. Check the pound.
  17. yeah all bases have been covered. my friend lives in a pretty populated town, signs are everywhere. everyone in town knows about his dog missing and he even has added a 2,000 dollar reward. this whole thing has just been shitty for him and its started to effect his work so i just want to help him out.

    either someone stole the dog and it was just loose, or his ex has it, the chances of a white bulldog walking around with all the signs should have been found by now
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    Go outside your area, post flyers within the nearest 10-15 mile towns. You don't need a bunch jsut enough to get the message out. She could ahve driven the dog out and dropped it off in the middle of butt fuck nowhere, it wouldn't be the first time :(

    BTW get proxies find phone dialers and SMS spammers and do work on her. Psy Ops does work.

    Just another idea.

    Also never let the target know how much you know when in contact. Get the info out, don't give any.
  19. thanks for all the info, even though we think the dog didnt run away my friend has done everything like that. Called all vets and pounds in a 20 mile radius. We went a couple towns over and some people there even recognized the signs so the words defiantly out

    this girl was also in love with the dog and when my friend first told her about it she had no reaction. he also called her saying the police found a dead dog. . no reaction
  20. When i was younger i got sexual harrasment charges for calling a girl a bitch. Shits fucked up but most of the time the girl gets it her way unless shes some physco bitch. Just my 2 cents keep tokin.:smoke:

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