Opening Grow Supply Store I need opinions from growers or people who are thinking about growing

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  1. Hello! I am working on opening a retail store that sells indoor gardening equipment and I need to get to know the market a little better! You would totally help me out by answering these questions!
    (I'm not asking for any personal information or anything, so it will be completely anonymous and confidential)  
    What is the main reason you grow marijuana? Or are thinking about starting? (any reason is fine, I just want to know the biggest factor in your motivation to grow)
    What are the other reasons?
    How big is your grow op? or how big do you want it to be?
    Do you use or want to use soil based systems or hydroponic based? Why?
    How much time do you spend tending to your plants each day? or week? on average. How much time to you expect to spend tending to your plants each day? (if you are not yet a grower)
    Do you prefer to buy your equipment and supplies online, or at a store? Where do you think you will buy them? (If you are thinking about growing)
    If you were going to buy from a store, what kind of features or services would you like to see from the store?
    What are some products you've used that really stand out to you and you would recommend to others? (This can be anything, lighting systems, plant nutrients, filters, literally anything that you use in your growing process)
    Is growing a hobby/passion for you? or do you see it more as a business venture? or both? what's the ratio if both?
    Did/do you vote for any pro-marijuana laws in your area?
    What do you like to do for fun/leisure? 
    What's your favorite kind of music?
    What kind of events do you attend?
    If you feel uncomfortable answering any of these in anyway, feel free to leave it blank
    What is your age range?
    51 or higher
    Region of the country?
    Yearly Income? Not including marijauna grows? Including marijuana grows?
    Political party?
    Marital Status?
    Employed full time? Part time? 
    Primary source of income? (Job, Benefits, other)
    Thank you so much for helping me out!!

  2. don't try to sell me something in person I can buy for 50% less online

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