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  1. Basically i am looking into opening up a hookah bar, i have 3 perfect locations to open at, i just need a little help. Also i need to find out if any of the locations are zoned to be a hookah bar due to the new gay ass laws in my city. Basically this thread is asking for advice or just anything you can help me with about opening up my own hookah bar.

  2. What city?
  3. If we come in wearing name tags with our GC username on them, can we hookah for free?


  4. Hell yeah, that would be cool as hell!

  5. Indianapolis
  6. [quote name='"Gregsta"']What city?[/quote]

    In what city?
  7. Target the young crowd (high school/college areas), but make sure you id. Hell i used to go to hookah bars when i was 16 but they ended up getting caught after a year or two. Sure you might make money but you will get caught. Also make sure your store has the right atmosphere according to your clients. Try selling cheap hookahs at a huge markup and the shisha as well. The huge markup should keep them coming back for several times because they dont want to spend so much on a cheaper hookah, yet at the same time use nicer hookahs when they spend the 10 to 15 bucks for one smoke. Also make sure there arent any other shops within at least a 5 mile vicinity or else you wont make squat. Business is business man

  8. The closest hookah bars are a long ass drive. 30 Minutes +. All the locations are great from my perspective. I plan on selling shisha, hookahs, bowls and other smoking tools behind and beside the cash register as well. Unfortunately right now i cannot afford to get the liqour license, so just drinks & hookah & a little head shop. When i can afford it we will implement the alcohol and food factor. Also it will cost 5-10 per smoke but $10+ on premium blends
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    Target the college crowd and make it sort of a hipster place. Hipsters will flock to that shit

    Have a headshop in it too. The hookah bar here has a setup like that and it works out pretty well for them
  10. Middle eastern soda in the bottles. Shit will sell like mad no joke.
  11. I thought about doing this, it's just so hard to find a location that allows smoking indoors, at least where I live. I went to a few cigar bars and hookah lounges in Illinois (chicago, schamburg, arlington heights areas) noticed they all had games, energy drinks, a lot of different shisha, which is a huge plus. Gotta have that starbuzz and fantasia, some of my favorite brands of shisha.

    I would def look into liquor licenses, that would be sweet. Def check zoning, I believe you can't be within 1000 yards of a school or something.
    I know this can be challenging, I would sit down and write out a business plan first. Figure out who will be investing in your company, I mean these business plans go very deep in the process. I did a few for my college entrepreneur classes, about 20 pages of organized work on opening up a cigar lounge (once was my dream). Look online for a basic format to start...that will help jump start things, show enough people your business model and you can start having people invest who are interested, thats how you start this sort of thing up, unless you have the money! Good luck!
  12. a place with a patio, do bar and bar food inside, and smoke hookah out side.

    and good music and shit outside
  13. It seems like there would either be zero profit in it, or you would be in the red the entire time.
  14. i still have yet to go to one.

    i've been to an oxygen bar though. that shit is fun.
  15. don't open so late.
  16. Thanks for all of the suggestions, please keep them coming!
  17. If you are planning on starting a business you should seek legal advice from a professional, not a bunch of stoners.
  18. They opened a hookah bar in my town. I went once. 7$ a bowl fuck that shit!
    I'd rather just smoke a blunt..

  19. $7? shit i wish it was only 7 here. Last time i went a couple of weeks ago i payed 26 dollars for one hookah for just me and 1 friend.
  20. At my local hookah bar it's around 20 for a 1 hose hookah, but every bowl after that costs a dollar per person smoking.

    I suggest doing that but a little cheaper on the initial fee. Unless you got some sick ass hookahs

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