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  1. So I have a crazy idea to open a yogurt/smoothie place and allow people to smoke inside like a hookah bar, I understand all the licenses and what not for selling the yogurts and all. But would I actually need a license to let people smoke inside. Marijuana is not legal in my state until 2020 so I'm just trying to get a head start

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  2. Smoking in a place where food is served is not allowed. it’s a health risk. Maybe possible in a separate room or something, but then that kind of defeats the purpose.
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  3. Pretty fucking stupid.

    If somebody wants to open a private restaurant and smoke shop (hundreds existed before the 2000s)

    They should be allowed to, and if the boss of the country somehow has authority to step in(how that human has appointed control over another idk) at most they should make the business post signs or upon entering simply sign a liability fee.

    Seriously worse case scenario, you serve someone shitty moldy stinky old yogurt, if they eat it, should be their own stupid problem.

    But yah jon i get you

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  4. Is this frozen yogurt or just some good old probiotic yogurt? I like both. Also love smoking. Feel like I am the first customer. But, the way I see it is. Got to follow the rules cause last thing you want is to serve someone a nice yogurt and next thing you know the law is storming in, push comes to shove and yogurt gets splashed all over the walls, handcuffs, fines.

    I would do a traditional yogurt selling setup then do a member only wellness center in an adjacent room. In the wellness center, the consumption of cbd and thc is permitted. There is edibles yogurt. There is nice posh furniture that makes for a chillaxed environment where members could interact, read the paper, eat some yogurt. Tv's, wifi.

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