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  1. I live in a state where it is not yet legal but want to plan for the future and get in early.

    Perfect liberal college town where a good dispensary would crush. I have lived in AZ and CO as well so have seen the potential.

    How can I get ahead and start planning now to make myself have the highest chance at success? What steps can be taken now? What research do I need to be doing?
  2. necessary experience is missing from your CV, would you hire a person to run your store with no disp. experience? ,,go get it, you have proven to the membership your are flexible living in many places

    the deal is many disps. are now big enough to come into a small town with the intent of wiping out local and national supply chains, no sooner you open then you will go bust, is the biggest concern

    good luck
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  3. As Vee said, state lines dont stop the big companies peddling trash weed from wiping out any local, quality growers.
  4. Appreciate the responses @Vee and @420JoeBlow

    Alternatively I own about 300 acres of farm land. Would a smarter move to be to invest and switch those to growing cannabis??
  5. I'd be more cautious than most, perhaps rent some/all of it out in return for a take of the profit? that sharecropping?
  6. IDK man…
    There’s always a market for premium organic flower.
    Some folks like Budweiser, some only want a craft brewed IPA.
    I’m surrounded on all sides by big corp dispensaries. They get plenty of sales, but we have a loooong list of very satisfied and loyal customers. Those shops keep lowering their prices too. ;)
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  7. IMO, everyone will be lowering prices thru the end of this decade, regardless if they're a craft shop or big box store. That's just a part of the supply & demand and legal economics of it all. Interstate transport & commerce is the next big move for the industry

    I would debate anyone in a pepsi challenge...which pot came from the craft store, and which came from the big box..... I'd be hard pressed to think anyone could accurately guess which is which.
  8. oh if you put out piles of several different strains from several different shops, i would definitely be able to tell you who knows what they are doing.
  9. Yeah theres plenty of interviews about small growers getting dominated by big weed. There is always demand in big cities. But i dont see craft shops surviving where i live. People only want cheap. Part of it is laziness im sure. When they could get 300-600 an ounce for good weed, it was an easy living. Now that they are getting 50-100 an ounce, the profit margin is a lot slimmer. Growing supplies and energy are just getting more expensive. Then you end up with people who are really good at growing and love doing it but in the end they might be making 20$ an hour if they are properly trimming. I guess thats where there is still a market for moonshine...... but for the amount of work and money that goes into making it, your barely making money.

    I just wish legality would get to a point where i could grow a back yard full of weed, dry/cure it, and get rid of it untrimmed for trades or just enough money to cover my costs and time. Ive been completely out the game over a decade and the only way I would have any interested in getting back in is if I was sticking it to these trash commercial growers. Grow medicine that makes people feel better, not this drug that is making everyone fucking stupid.
  10. If you live in the northeast I'll set up the challenge and drive out to you :)

    Is it craft or is it big box chance you'll be able to see or smoke the difference.

    But the market for craft beer is mostly distinct from 'big box beer' for the taste. right? I guess in some cases you could debate that some craft has higher alcohol levels which is another selling point, but usually not the main reason for purchase

    But with cannabis....everyone is growing for THC potency. The taste aspect of cannabis from craft to big box is most likely indistinguishable. curing processes will be very similar....

    you could debate organic home grown vs bottled nutes for taste but again, I think thats a fools errand.
  11. so.... define "craft'?
  12. 2 Comments/Questions:
    1. What experience do you have in operating a business, managing staff, creating budgets, understanding financial statements, and raising capital? It's a business. The majority of businesses fail. The biggest reason is that they forget it's a business and never had a plan.

    2. Which brings me to point 2. Write a business plan, or try to. Google how to write a business plan. You need to do this. Step 1 in your process. It will be a lot of work. If you're not up for it, work for someone else.
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  13. Start gathering your gold bars, your gonna need them. An individual with all the $ and SKILLS, I'd think it would take a very good team to compete. +1 on learning the biz from the roots up.
  14. I think that might be half the challenge. Is the word "craft" more a marketing gimmick vs a tangible differentiator.

    There are definitely big cannabis operators that create 'craft' bud....or phrased differently, they sell 'premium' flower....but how is that translated? Does a change of terpene count from 2pct to 3pct make it craft? Does strain rareness? Strain Uniqueness? THC percentages wouldn't do it...Only organic, no synthetics, no chemical pest management, all vegan, etc, etc...

    Marketing hype is my take on it all...
  15. For me craft really just means top shelf. Even if you do everything right, if you have bad genetics, its going to be bad weed. That bad weed need to be turned into edibles or something. For me, craft is something that is delicious and smooth out of any hand pipe/joint. Also, its weed that was grown to full maturity, not harvested weeks to early.

    I feel like many of us have that pile of weed that is ok, but we got plenty of better shit to smoke. We turn it into edibles or give it away. Big business just sells it with all the rest. No real quality control.
  16. not trying to be rude, just practical....most of what you just said is subjective, anecdotal, and has no scientific backing or true differentiator..

    And I'm challenging the questions not just directed at you....anyone can chime in with their opinion, just friendly dialogue back and forth is my objective..

    lets dig deeper on 'bad weed' - what are the qualities of bad genetics?
  17. I may seem short or upset at times. Im not. Im just a man of few words.

    So ive grown plants that i later found out were really bread for hash making. They didnt taste good in a pipe. The trichs had a "sandy" texture. Just not something i was proud to grow and put in my pipe. Flavor wasnt there. High might have made me "high" but didnt make me feel "good". To me, craft canabis has little to do with thc %. Its the experience. How it makes you feel. If you just want to go to the moon, eat a 200mg edible. Craft cannabis is that weed you give to someone and they say "wow, that just punched me in the mouth; in a good way". Or like. Ive grown plants that the first couple hits off the top of a bowl are great but then it goes to hell and you are tossing 90% of it because the smoke went harsh. Craft is weed that you keep picking up the pipe and putting a lighter to it even though theres nothing but ash left.
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  18. When it hit then you can do iT

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