Open Top Greenhouse Scrog

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  1. This grow was from back about 5 or 6 years ago, but I thought I would post it because I have the pics on my phone.

    All of the plants were clones. And I packed them all into a 11' x 12' greenhouse with no top on it. It yielded 10 pounds of absolutely dank bud that most people mistook for indoor bud.

    Strain list:
    Pot Of Gold
    Sour Diesel
    Bubba Kush
    Burmese Kush
    And Querkle

    272101_10150247668608611_4521510_o.jpg 280887_10150247671023611_2678972_o.jpg 272352_10150247671568611_3335285_o.jpg 279310_10150247672803611_3951055_o.jpg 280157_10150247675718611_1498575_o.jpg 265839_10150247678583611_4684928_o.jpg

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