open lunches can suck

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  1. Alright, this doesn't really invovle just bud, but I felt like sharing anyway. About a year and a half ago I was with two friends and we each did two hits of some really good cid and we had been blazing all day. At the time I was a bit of a cleptomaniac. We were tripping and decided to go to a mall. We went and it was really trippy and crazy. We walked into a store, I decided to grab something so I could destroy it in the parking lot. I grabbed it and saw on my way out that there were things that would beep if I walked through the door with something stolen.

    So I dropped it at the last minute inconspicuously, or so I thought. One of the empoyees picked it up chased after me in the mall and yelled at me, cuz she saw me drop it. I was freakin out in my mind, but was able to keep it together in front of her. She was just sorta like, "Don't let me ketch you in the store again, ever." So I got away, thankfully and haven't been in that store since.

    Speaking of cid, I feel like doing some in a few days. Can anybody give me some good hints on how to not get caught, I tend to do that alot with bud. :(
  2. just chill and do it at ur house or something wach some sweet movies or play some vids or just chill some where, thats its totally safe and u wont get caught
  3. dont steal :confused:
  4. yea, i find that if i dont commit crimes i have a good chance of not getting caught
  5. as a fellow store-clepto no matter what be wearin shit where you can hide shit. if your one of those peeps that wears tons of tight clothes then your most likely fucked. best shit ive found is a denim jacket, maybe its just the shit i always get but they have these fucking GIANT pockets oin the inside of the jacket that makes it easy as fuck to nab stuff.
    secondly its always good to have a partner, just straight up someone to distract an employee ask em questions while you grab yer shit.
    just don get caught man you could get fucked hard for it.
  6. open lunches can suck?? what this whole thread just completly tore a hole in my ripped mind!

    but on that note, yes i am too a clepto, i have left GNC in the mall with 470.69 dollers worth of items without even realizing it and noone even girlfriend didnt even know till we went to the food court and i just started unloading stuff haha it was amazing

    damn bitch taught me how to steal like a pro lol
  7. Yeah really where does "Open-Lunch" come into the story??? Confusing
  8. sorry bout the title, got side tracked and was going to write about something that happened during my open lunch at school but then changed my mind, fogot to change the title, my bad.

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