"Open Government Dialogue" Time to vote agian.

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  1. More exposure is a good thing! :hello:
  2. signed up and voted. keep this pressure. this is a really great thing kind of like the white house internet polls 2.0. Please everyone sign up and vote on this!!
  3. Vote on this everyone! The registration only asks for an email and a password, and a verification, thats it, so dont be scared of it.
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    pretty much what I've always said has to happen before any form of legalization or decriminalization comes to pass.


    ps...always know who it is you're getting into bed with.

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  5. I'm in! Free the Weed! :hello:
  6. The drug czar can't even officially recommend reform until this happens.
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    neither can even the President.

    It's why I've always bitched about lumping it in with narcotics and hallucinogens .

    It always has been misclassified schedule 1

    as for the post...like I implied above. Once I know who they are (really) I'll give them some ideas.;)

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  8. Signed up and voted. Let's keep the pressure up...
  9. Open Government Initiative
  10. I also encourage everyone to vote to End Imperial Presidency.
  11. Obama already laughed off the last time this was "voted" on. It's an internet poll, it's essentially useless. Go vote people in/out of office if you actually want to make a difference. Write your Congressmen, etc.

    Getting these laws changed is going to require more than a few mouse clicks, people...
  12. It helps and it's easy to do. Who cares if they don't listen the fact it is highly ranked keeps peoples talking.

    You do understand you basically just said "Even though they are asking for input on what issues the general public would like to see addressed this is a waste of time."

    It's about the sheep out there who are following the John Walters of the world to see a larger group going the other way and abandoning their herd.

    Old and Busted: DEA
    New Hotness: Us
  13. Don't put words in my mouth. What I said was what I said.

    They're asking for input, but what does it matter? Did you forget about this little gem?

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLFmGu57jLI]YouTube - Obama: Pot legalization not good economic strategy[/ame]

    The pot question was #1 in THAT internet poll too. See how well it worked? :rolleyes: The problem with an internet poll is that it is completely unreliable. There could be 10,000,000 "votes," but there are so many people voting multiple times that the poll is completely unreliable. It also isn't valid because it's not a random selection. Only those who know about the poll can vote on it, and only those who have internet access can vote on it. Therefore, it is NOT an accurate indicator of the American public in general, and the people running this site know that. The way I see it, it's more of a PR stunt to give the impression that you're actually doing something to make a difference. They want you to think that this new administration is radically different, and I'm not even going to get into it but it's like the old song goes, "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

    You go ahead and keep on voting on useless internet polls if it makes you feel better. Doesn't really make a difference either way, which is the problem, really. As I said, if you want to make a difference, you actually have to DO something. Even something as small as voting for people who are a bit more sympathetic to our cause, and writing/calling your Congressmen. As I said, it will take more than some mouse clicks to change the law.

    If Obama were to publicly apologize for his smug reply to the previous poll results and actually, truly open it up for logical debate (and not include the bullshit propaganda spewed forth by bullshit agencies like the DEA, FBI etc., who just make shit up and use fallacious Appeal to Authority to make people think they're telling the truth), then I might change my mind.

    That won't happen though. As such, I'm making sure YOU don't manipulate the sheep any more than the government does. Being sheep, they see this internet poll shit and gobble it up, thinking they're making a difference. Sorry to burst your bubble, but all you're doing is pissing in the wind.
  14. I went ahead and voted, but also cut and pasted the reschedule letter into word for further emailing to senators and congressmen. If we truly want change then we must express our opinions at every opportunity. The decriminalization/legalization issue is important, but before that we need the scientific approach of verifying our claims about weed substantiated.

    We need the true facts brought into the light of day. If our claims stand up in the harsh light of scientific investigation then we can rest assured our claims are valid and change can be more easily attained.
  15. I'm not disagreeing with you per say. I understand odds are it will be ignored by the government but at the same time it takes 2 minutes and it cannot hurt anything. At the very least it gets people involved in some way, even if it is fruitless, they are now in the mindset of "my voice counts, what else can I do to help" which leads to contacting reps and all that.

    Like I said will the government address it? Probably not, or make fun of it again. I remember how Obama handled it last time, as for how it worked, I believe it worked flawlessly, you knew he wasn't going to come out and say "Great idea guys, we will get right on that, who wants to smoke a bowl with me in the Oval Office", but he did blast it as horrible and didn't even give the impression he feels marijuana is a serious issue, he made a pothead joke and moved on. Why it worked perfectly is since then our cause has been talked about in the news everyday, most of it positive in someway. I'm giving Obama the benefit of the doubt and trusting he did what he did for a reason and that was to get other people talking, he isn't going to spearhead a campaign in favor of it, but if you paid attention to his previous feelings you will know he really is in favor of decrim, but he isn't going to risk his policital career over it. If we keep up the pressure and sway more people to our side in the process it won't come off as Obama wants weed legal, it will come off as Obama is listening to the peoples demands and looking into it.

    If these topics top out this poll (which people who disagree can vote agianst as well) then it will be more for the media to talk about which can help sway public opinion. My feeling it there is no reason not to take the time to vote on it, plus all the other worthy issues.
  16. That shit is stupid. No one is going to take that seriously when that issue proposes having the military aged children of the president and top officials also fight in the war. It does bring up SOME good points, but its too crazy.
  17. Voted, we are gaining momentum in our movement! Although I think Obama will skip this question, the media certainly will not.

    No wonder why we have recently been polled in favor at 52%. More positive coverage please!

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