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  1. Oxymorphone any one here tried Opana?

    i would like to know as much info as possible
  2. Best opie ever.
  3. like honestly? because i can get quite a bit
  4. Yeah its dilaudid. its nice
  5. any negative side affects? is the high just euphoria ?
  6. Dillies are hydromophone. Opana is oxymorphone. Opana > Heroin IMO.
  7. if you can get a lot of them, i highly suggest you do so
    those things are like gold 'round my parts

  8. Yeah, most people will never see Opanas in their life. I paid 60 for the only 40mg I've ever gotten. I would have paid 60 more for that piece of heaven.
  9. Never personally had them, but I've heard amazing things.
  10. buy the whole prescription if you can lolol

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