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  1. So I literally just got home with this little gadget. It's the only type of piece I didn't have. I don't seem to be having an issue with it, but my boyfriend keeps pushing the weed out.

    Maybe about 4 hits in and I'm already ripped. What is everyone else's thoughts on this piece? Any tips or tricks to keep the weed in? 1502142824071.jpg
  2. Side note, can I clean this with salt and rubbing alcohol just like I do my other pieces?

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  3. There's no such thing as a "glass blunt" blunts are made from tobacco..
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  4. Might want to call and tell several companies and tell them that. Since, ya know, they're making them and all...
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  5. It's called a glass blunt because it imitates a blunt... A blunt is a tobacco leaf filled with weed. Get it? Your statement blunts are made from tobacco is false , sense weed is not made from tobacco. You need to combine weed with a tobacco leaf for it to be a "blunt."
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  6. Maybe try packing a nug at the end haha? Seeing as how I never used one that's a total guess. Been wanting to try them, haven't bought new glass in awhile .
  7. Yes
  8. I really like it, it's the smoothest hit I've ever gotten from any of my other pieces. And honestly I only paid $12.71 including tax, so I think it's money well spent.
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  9. Do a quick google search what are blunts made from.. Tobacco leafs not glass bruh...
  10. It IMITATES a blunt. So they call it a glass blunt. Thus meaning instead of being made from tobacco leaf, it is made with GLASS.
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  11. Oh look


  12. I'm not trolling lol its like calling a piece a glass cigarette it wouldn't be a cigarette because there's no tobacco/paper in it:confused_2:
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  13. I'm going with " really that daft"
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