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  1. So today, I made my first purchase of some bud in Massachusetts. Previously, I had only bought up at college in Vermont. It was my first time meeting this particular dealer and had met him through Facebook (sketchy, I know. But he lives just down the street from me, which will be convenient in the future.) Anyways, I smoked a pinch of it and got wicked baked (yes, I'm a bit of a lightweight. But this was also good shit and I've been on a kinda T-Break for like 3 weeks now. I've only been smoking resin and ash for those 3 weeks haha.) So basically I'm laying on my floor watching stupid videos for the next half hour.
    When I finally sober up, I go outside and get the mail and come back and decide to build a bong from a waterbottle. Then I decided to smoke a small pinch in that because I knew my family would be home in the next few hours. I was reasonably baked and was looking at the water in the device. I was thinking to myself "I've never drank bong water, and this shit won't have too much shit in it..." Fortunately I had taken my home made slide (which still has some weed in it) out of the hole. Unfortunately, I had taken the slide out of the hole. I spilled bong water on the crotch of my pants. :smoke:
  2. First off, MASSACHUSETTS FTW. :hello::hello::hello:
    Springfield ALL DAY =D

    And yeah thats sucks lol. OOPSIES.
  3. Massachusetts: yes.
    Springfield: Naw son. Its all about the Brookfields.
  4. rofl man. you thought i never drank bong water before so ill try it? that was your first mistake haha. let me tell you bong water is filthy even if its a brand new bong and only one hit has done it i would never drink that shit

    i remember a few years ago at a aparty we all convinced this drunk girl to drink bong water 10 minutes later she was puking
  5. dont drink bong water. mass ftw
  6. WORCESTER is were its at 508 wartown son
  7. pants, not so bad, spilling it on the carpet or couch, yea thas gonna smell. fucking hate the smell of bong water
  8. Bong water smell is so weird...Its doesnt stink but it does. Either way you thought you never drank it and you never drank it for a reason

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