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  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]This morning at the kitchen counter I accidentally hit my notebook. My glass piece was sitting on top of it. The sherlock swiveled and dropped over the side.[​IMG] It was all in slow motion. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Back to the batties for now[​IMG]

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  2. I feel you pain. It sux man. Looks like someones going to be getting a new piece soon.

  3. Damn i hate when that happens! A little glue and maybe you'll be able to use it again.
  4. mabe people should have insurance on there glass pipes
  5. THAT SUCKS!!!!
  6. JB weld, $1.99 at wal-mart, fixes pipes faster than you can spark the bowl.
  7. Finally got a new pipe yesterday...it's a bit thicker too.

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  8. If it make you feel any better here is a list of all the pipes/bongs i have broken over the years...

    2 - Water Pipes
    1 - Water Hand Pipe
    2 - Electric Bomgs
    1 - 4 man bong

    I hate it when you break your pipe it sux i feel for you man, looks like your gonna have to make one :)


  9. LOl yeah thats if they are brave enough to give insurence to stoners :) pipe cost £5 insurence £50 !

  10. Good to see ya got ya new pipe.
  11. What do you mean he has to make a new one? He just bought that one!

    Get off the crack, stick to weed!
  12. cool pipe! glad you finally got a replacement :)

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