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  1. [​IMG]Help I started my grow with mg nutrient release soil is there any thing i can do to save them
  2. Transplant them into something else. How big are they? It's ok if you have to take a little MG soil with them so you don't disturb the roots.
  3. I transplanted mine about 3 weeks old, didnt even shock it. I transplanted to Miracle grow ORGANIC.. If you get Miracle Grow Organic, make sure you get the potting soil. I went back for more, saw a huge bag of it and it ended up being mulch type that were for non containers only.
  4. Could you explain how the process works. I dont want to mess up my babies.
  5. Not much 2it!

    Try looking into Fox Farm: Ocean Forest soil or any other of their products... Or Light Warrior.

    All mg products will eventualy cause stress... (they put alot of slow release in their soil)


    Try a hydro store or nursery...


    Call ahead to save you some time huh?

    PEACE N POT :smoking:

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