oops, was that a good way to break it to him?

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    i just got done smokin a bowl of kush to myself from my garage and i know my lil bro smokes and he knows i smoke but we dont "talk" or know about it if you know what i mean. dont say anything. we hardly ever even get along. actually never. we never have. anyways, i just got done smokinm a bowl of kush to myself in my fuckin garage and then i thought i saw a light in the kitchen then i saw i did saw a light in the kitchen. so i was like ooooh shit. hide bong. then i saw feet. i think it was my bros but i am not sure. garage door was slightly ajar and garage STUNK. light went out i took a nother big hit rushed to room and this is what i sent my brother, might be a dead giveaway he def knows so was this a good way to break it to him over a text message?

    "Niiggs wuz u jst in teh keetchen ar waht???!!!"

    oops. didnt quite realize what i was actually typing in that mesge. so now idk wt to think. and when i say we never got along, i mean it. well mainly when we moved to california we just drifted Apart, we were best friends before that. always hanging out in new jersey, same friends, same interests [dbz, pokemon, magic the gathering, drawing these characters, etc]. we were tight. then in cali no one did that shit. we developed different interests and they were VERY different. opposite ends of the spectrum. one of the stoner/loser emos [me] to athletic A scoring prep...these 2 generally hate each other. and we grew to for various things to the point where we just dont talk, ever at all unless forced. i didnt even realize it til now. ive b een without a brother now for at least 8 years. its really sad wtf. i miss those days so much. i used to wonder why i missed those days and i realize now it was all because of my brother. ever sincre hes been away from my life its kinda sucked. shit. when i say we never talked, its true. not even hey if we pass each other in the hall. dont even look at each other or think about the past. dont even look at each other... idk how this happened.
    i havent looked him in his eye for at LEAST 5 years now. then other things started falling apart [mom had drinking problem, dad was never home, got help, then they started fighting everyday and almost divorced,dad was seeing a different woman...oi] and my brother and i still went even farther from eCH OTHer then, mainly cause we didnt ever talk to each t=other about it or still even look at each other. this is intense. im glad i wrote this, ill want to remember it tomorrow for sure. this was enlightening. enjoy the thoughts of my mind

    my life story :p
  2. wat do you mean.

    .....and is the ronald mcdonald man? i work at mcdonalds.......weird.......
  3. I mean that your stream of consciousness style of posting is hard to comprehend. From what I could translate, you were getting high and saw feet. You assumed they were your brother's feet so you texted him. Then there was a bunch of stuff that I could not read because the words just mushed into one giant block of text.
  4. lmao:hello:
  5. damn dude what a story i'm high as hell that shit was a great read. what a crazy relationship you have with your bro, 5 years of no eye contact or talking is out of this world. I'm glad you texted him. you guys need to pass a blunt and hug it out no homo
  6. Damn dude that sucks. Why don't you make an attempt to hang out with him? Bond through weed. I'm sure if you tell him what you told us here he would attempt to make things work. If he doesn't then just wait a few years, he will grow out of it.

    I know what it's all about. My brother robbed me of 5000$ recently and threatened to kill my dad when I was 13. My sister is just as bad. Sometimes family sucks.
  7. Maybe you should just smoke with your bro. Might help your relationship. Ya know.

    If you tell US this.....shouldn't you just be kinda telling your bro this?
  8. Yea man, go talk to your bro and sort some shit out. Maybe find something that is the best of both worlds like frolfing or something, its a little athletic and you can smoke all you want, and its dope. Maybe buy some nice weed and smoke him up.
  9. a good image of yourself in front of you
  10. what the hell is frolfing? lol
  11. I'm assuming he's referring to Frisbee Golf, never heard of it called frolfing before though.
  12. lmao... I was half way through reading when I thought this and scrolled down to see this! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
  13. not even tryin 2 b a hter but pls lern 2 fukin spel

    Just saying. Spelling like that looks mad ignorant :p

    I would just go talk to him. If he already knows you smoke and you know he smokes then... Smoke a bowl with him ;)
  14. Thank you for putting my thoughts into a picture.
  15. ^lmao! RIGHT?!
  16. my friend was just like this with his brother till i hinted that they both smoked and we needed a sesh asap they've been hanging out a lot more.

  17. This.

    Won't hurt you to try and mend your relationship..

    Ever since I started smoking with my sister our relationship has gotten stronger, we see eye to eye on things, and we rarely ever argue...

    Give it a shot bruh, he's family..
  18. well to yous all sayin "why dont you just talk to him and tell him what you told us" etc, its not that easy for me. but im going to just text him this weekends and be like hey, im bout to hit up the mall, you wanna come? then pass him a blunt on the way. might work.

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