oops snapped ma girl, pics.

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  1. well i was sorting out a new lighting rail for my lights, and one of the bulbs dropped directly onto my plant! anyhoo it snapped about half of the stem the other half is still instact, its proped up atm and mels said itll live, i think so too! anybody else disagree? btw this seeds 4 days old from when it broke the soil and 6 days old from when i put it into the soil, it was making massive progress! my camera timer was taking a picture every hour and each picture had differences in, even if they were tiny :p



    hmm i hope i dont have to germ another seed!

    my lesson learnt today was to never hang my lights directly over my plant again!
  2. Germ more than one seed cause if its your first time chances are that something will go wrong anyways.
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    fem seeds, only got room for 1.

    im glad i was nuting 26 - 8 - 16 at about 1/10th of what whats normal, givesa lil more nitrogen its gonna need to repair
  4. i learned the same thing. luckily my plant didnt fracture or break. good luck though.

    i like the idea of taking a picture every hour. id be interested in seeing the entire series by the end of its growth.
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    shes still growing fine, got my new cab, got room for 2 plants, but dont have the lighting for 2 :(

    edit; just removed the stick she was resting on, and shes standing up perfectly by herself, 16 hours repairing please?

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