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oops light on 5hours too long at night.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bigk666, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. So my buddy who grows in a bathroom left his bathroom light on last night and I guess he noticed it 5 hours after the hps turns off. The plants are on day 9 of flowering. Do you guys think he is fucked? I know it probably depends on genetics and what not but is this enough to Hermie any plant for sure? Its only 3 60w incandescent lights, but i know it dosent take much.

    lol i feel bad for him but hes kinda dumb for ever turning it on I guess lol... I guess the 1000 watts of hps wasn't enough light to see.
  2. It doesn't take many lumens to interrupt a dark cycle. However, i recently had a timer goof on me and i got a similar duration of interruption with the full wattage on them. I know it couldn't have helped much, but i haven't seen any bananas yet. Genetics depending, he should be fine if it was an isolated event.

    Lesson learned though right
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    ya lesson learned for sure. He has since removed the light bulbs from their fixture to guarantee it dosent happen again. I really hope he dosnt get any balls or dicks.

    Has anyone else had this happen without seeing dicks all over their shit?

    edit: damn dude i really hope you dont get any dicks either. good luck man.

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