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  1. Did everyone see the VMA's? Me either...but I heard everything about it on the radio..meaning that one moment when Taylor Swift was accepting an award Kanye West interrupted her already sappy thank you's to an awkward moment for Beyonce stating "Beyonce had one of the best videos in music history.." or something like that. Whatever, it was totally random and uncalled for. Kanye West, the most hated rapper/musician to white people?

    Video here:
    YouTube - Kanye West Interrupts Taylor Swift During Her VMA 2009 Acceptance Speech

    Or just go to youtube and search...yahoo maybe..ANY entertainment news site. I'm blasted and trying to multi-task, just help me out? :)
  2. Taylor got a standing ovation, Beyonce still got her due, and Kanye got kicked out and banned. I think everyone got what they deserve at this point..Did you see Taylor's confused face after?!
  3. Was the part I bolded necessary? No, I don't think so. Kanye is a douche, and people of all color were booing him last night for his inflated-ego driven stunt. It's not just white people who dislike him
  4. yeh hes a ass for doin that...i dont know whats wrong with him. Like he's a big baby when it comes to shit all the time.
  5. Not the best way to get the point across, but he was right. Beyonce>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Taylor Swift.
  6. lol, Kanye is such a self-centered bastard. Taylor Swift should've decked him in the back of the head after he took the mic.
  7. Yeah I know i'm sorry about that "white person" comment. I'm very white actually lol, anyways he offended everyone. Everyone is either angry or no commenty at this point. :smoke:
  8. I'm not angry, I thought it was the funniest shyt
  9. Ha kanye needs to grow up. He isn't really a good lyricist and the only reason he makes any money is this country is too mainstream. His actions were very immature, and seemed a bit staged, and these reoccurring award show stunts are just for publicity. I think he needs to reassess his marketing department if he thinks this is a way to advertise himself to the world.
  10. On my main radio station I listen to in the morning...Dan and Kim on Mix 93.1 Anyways...Dan said he is BANNING Kanye from his radio station, meaning he will not be broadcasting any of Kanye's music..

    I don't know if they need to go that far, maybe the poor man is on the wrong drug?

    Then again he has effed up more than once before and no doubt he will do it again. Dismiss him from the spotlight and LIFE WILL GO ON.
  11. Also think of all the people he is representing... Beyonce (even if she didn't ask for it) ect..

    People working for him or with him will also suffer because of his mistake. Did you say STEAK? lol

    Open your eyes Kanye, take the money and retire!
  12. And to say beyonces video is one of the best videos in music history .... that video is just beyonce dancing in a plain room with two other girls.
  13. Exactly ;)

    But regardless, I still fuck with Kanye and still think he makes good music. I'll never claim him a great lyricist or anything, but you can't deny he makes good shit, and despite him blowing up, he has done some other shit too. Like he stated in his apology blog to Swift, he gave Outkast one of his awards when he thought they deserved it over him. Kanye is Kanye, that's the only way you can put it.
  14. Doesn't mean he still isn't an asshole and walks over everybody else because of his inflated sense of self-importance.

    That fucker needs to eat 12g of mushrooms and then come back out.
  15. That was some disrespectful shit he pulled. Everyone knows he's a self centerd gayfish with a huge ego, but you don't spoil somebody's moment just because you think someone else shoulda won. Taylor swift is bangin too, shouldn't be doing that shit to bangin girls.
  16. maybe he likes being dramatic?

  17. He just wants to get into Beyonce's pants...


    ohh yeah :smoke:
  18. Personally I like Kanye West. His new tunes may not be all that great but his old shit was fire. The production levels are so high in songs he has produced. He's clearly a talented rapper/producer. Personally i've never heard of this country bullshit singer and don't really give two shits about here. The look on her face is actually pretty funny cos kanye stole her limelight, maybe im just really high though.
  19. VH1 said he was drunk or some shit.

    Kanye needs to grow the fuck up and realize that there are more than just black music artists. He was good when he first came out, but now his ego is bigger than his big ass head. Seems kinda like a mild racist too.

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