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OOPS...just went to the gym high.....

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Santorini, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. So today I was bored and thinking........:rolleyes: I like weed, and I like to work out....so I went to the gym high and man I had crazy adventure.

    Right when I walked into the gym I knew things were going to be bad. I was really getty after I got out of the car and was just laughing at thoughts I was having that weren't making sense.. (as you do when your stoned)

    Then I got into the gym and the first thing the lady did was start messin with me. Like repeating the exact same thing I said but in a question form. So of course I start laughing and I can't help not to laugh because I was trying to think about not laughing but couldn't help it and started laughing more and more....

    So I just walked off and tried to act normal. Then I was heading to the cardio room and half way through the gym I see this one guy just staring at himself in the mirror. He's saw me and just started to flex more like he was going to kick my ass.

    It's pretty funny cuz I'm 6'6 and 250lbs and this kid was like 15 and 102 lbs. So I thought he was messing with me too and just looked at it as a joke and started laughing some more.

    Finally after like 10 minutes (it seemed like 10 minutes anyways) but it was probably like 1 minute I got to the cardio room.

    I thought that I could run on that for awhile usually I go on for about 30-45 minutes. Well after about 2:01 I started getting *REALLY* REALLY* thirsty. Then I figured out I forgot my water......"Shi* I thought" I had to walk past the people again, not laugh, go out to my car, get a $2, and then buy a water....

    This is a whole other venture in itself.

    So after I get the water I get back in the cardio room and start running again. After what seem like eternity (1 min. 20 seconds) later I was *TIRED*. I couldn't help but think I was dying.....

    Then I continued in the gym and started working out. It had to be one of the best workout's I've every had in my life.

    The only thing was the people kept looking at me and kinda smiling and as we all know when your stoned and someone smiles at you its hard not to laugh...

    Anyways just thought I would share my story and hope you liked it. I think I'm going to start going to the gym stoned everyday now....WOOT WOOT
  2. Haha that is fuckin hilarious man. I read that with a huge smile, cause I have definitely thought about doing that. LOL
  3. yeah being high makes you focus more on the task at hand you don't even feel the burn and can just keep going. i remember last year there were some nights id come in from smoking and was able to do 100 straight pushups and then like 500 situps straight.
  4. Working out when you're high is a lot of fun. My favorite activity is to play some pickup basketball when you're high as fuck. Makes me concentrate so much more.
  5. funny

    me and 3 friends got blazed before weight lifting one day. lifting while high was...weird
    doing things that are complex like power cleans are TOUGH. then we did 8 100 yd. runs after that...and that was quite the experience.
  6. God I love being high in public. You pick up on peoples little individual bullshit, and its fucking hilarious sometimes :D
  7. hah I don't see how you guys do it, everytime I've went to the gym after some burning, I just can't force myself to do anything except just sit on the bench and just watch everyone walk by me while im smiling for no reason
  8. haha, i always feel like people are doing weird things when I am high..then I just realize that since I am high I am just paying more attention to it...just awesome.
  9. IDk how you guys do it either.

    I've hit the gym once when high cause people said it helps em.
    Quite the opposite for me, i dropped on average prolly 15-30 lbs on everything it seemed, i was weak as shit when high and couldn't get any energy or motivation to put everything i had into it.
  10. I find working out hard really hard when I am high. I love the feeling though. It usually kills my buzz.
  11. i'm a pretty firm believer that how hard you focus varies on the kind of weed you are smoking. i've found that when i smoke headies and have a very clean high, i'm able to focus alot more and be more competitive. however, when i smoke some dirt all i want is some ice cream and a nap.
  12. Lol one time a couple friends and I got smoked out by some random guy at a bus stop. I didn't smoke much then, so I got really high. When we got on the bus there was a really big black lady. When I was listening to her talk I realized I couldn't understand her. It was fuckin' weird. I thought she was speaking Chinese. Then it started sounding like Spanish, and then like a Jamaican accent. It was funny. I kept mimicking her, I'm not sure if she noticed.
  13. I've never tried it before. It kinda seems somewhat of a oxymoron to me. I'll have to give it a shot though and see how I do.
  14. If i blaze and go to the gym right away after i Can fucking bust a nut working out it feels so good. The tingel in your muscles is increase by your pump, it's so amazing.

    Cardio while high is Horrible. Same thing with me i'll get on a Eliptical and i'll be like man i've been on this for like 30 mins and look down and see 2:40.

    Being a Stoner and a Bodybuilder is Amazing. Workout then blaze then eat and drink mad protein when i'm done lol.

  15. This is why I can't work out when I'm high, I can't handle it I laugh too much then I start laughing because I'm laughing too much. I like working out while I'm high but I prefer to do it at home. I love being high in public, it's so much fun, but I just have to be able to keep moving cuz otherwise I feel like I'm too obvious...
  16. I feel way quicker, more energetic, motivated, and pumped when I work out sober. Don't really like to work out blazed, don't feel like I'm workin out as hard as I can.
    Work out, then blaze :cool:
  17. Bro I always lurk this site when I'm high but was always too lazy to make an account. This story fucked my sides up man. I went to the gym blasted today and this shit was just like your story, and it was a great workout for me, I got strong as fuck
  18. Hahaha I did this once...the THC in my system mixed with the adrenaline from working out and I got all kinds of buzzed. It was a fun experience, minus the fact that every workout felt like it took a year to finish :p
  19. I've worked out high more times in my life than sober..

    Better mind muscle connection.. more focus..

    And when I'm done I'm always really hungry and can eat more food to repair my body.. :)
  20. I definitely see your point, but I think the important difference here is working out high vs. working out stoned.

    If I smoke too much, I'm worthless. It does depend on the exercise, but overall my endurance is affected if I'm too high.

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