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  1. I have a friend who buys from a guy named Malcolm well Malcolm dates my ex and they are still together. That same friend who buys ended up going to jail and getting his car impounded labor day weekend. That friend of mine asked me to get his car out since he's broke. I am an extremely nice guy and a good fucking friend so I did it in hopes of being paid back that $3XX.XX in a reasonable time. As you can see I am posting here. Obviously not paid back yet. My friend has been secretly buying from Malcolm for like a few months because he owes Malcolm some money. I haven't seen a dime of my money for 3 or 4 months and this mother fucker has two bills rent which is fucking LOW and a
    Phone bill with daily weed purchases to boot. To finish my story i indirectly told
    My friend was still buying from him. (OOPS IT SLIPPED ) and I got a lovely call while sleeping asking why the fuck I did that , wasn't cool etc. What the hells my problem now he can't buy weed anymore.

    Said it wasn't my problem and that I don't care hung up the phone and went back to sleep then end
  2. Why didnt you talk to him about it like a man instead of going behind his back and talking to his dealer?

    Shits shady bro.
  3. Take his car keys and all the spares and tell him its your car until he pays you back (because otherwise it would still be in the pound)
  4. Looks like you've gotta put Malcolm in the middle of this...

    I don't know what that means, I just wanted to make a Malcolm in the Middle reference. :(
  5. instead of just narcing your friend to your dealer, you should have just told him directly.

    Like hey man, I did you a huge favor and got your car out of the impound. Where's my money? I know you got money for weed and bullshit, so where's my money?
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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZomwVcGt0LE&feature=related]Wheres my Money Stewie & Brian (Hd) - YouTube[/ame]

    EDIT: of course embedding is disabled...
  7. good on ya. weed addicts piss me the FUCK off bruh bruh. like pay for your food BEFORE you smoke...that way, when you get hungry, you won't have to fuck around, commit crimes, scrounge up money, ask people for food, or just have a shitty, hungry high.
  8. Sometimes you slip no biggie. I don't know why some people think it's so shady. Sounds like the three of u know eachother relatively well. Hopefully youll start getting payed back now that Malcolm won't sell ur buddy weed. The only shady part is you not getting shit payed back for 3-4 months while the guy that owes u is buying weed and fucking around with YOU'RE money!
  9. so the dealer wont sell to your crook friend because the crook friend owes you money? sounds like no dealer I know
    anyway take your money man
  10. Dealer did you a huge favor sounds like you must be good friends with him, anyway no excuse for your friend not paying you back.

  11. [​IMG]
    the best post ive seen all week

    well done , sir.
  12. You do know you should actually ask for your money right?

    "It's not my problem" is not going to get your money to you.

    "My problem is that you owe me $300+ and you keep buying weed instead of paying me what you owe me, asshole" is what I would've said.
  13. why should he even ask to get his money back? like wtf theirs no respect on his part........

    Whenever somebody fronts me something I dont wait for them to ask, i pay them as soon as I can,
    even if that means my fatass cant eat....... But guess what everybody fronts me no questions asked, every time.

    yea he could of asked him for his money but that shouldnt even have to be done........ plus the bastard goes and buys weed while not paying his debt.

    Fuck him, screw him over, although youll likely never see the 300 again, but im guessing you already realized you wont and did what you had to do.

    Kudos bro.;
  14. Ha I mean it's no big deal he's got more than one guy I will get my money this guy values my relationship
  15. I thought the title was a reference to how your dick slipped out and fucked Malcom's girlfriend, your ex.

    I was disappointed. Where's GGrass? Apply rule #34 dude.
  16. Haha you guys are funny and make me laugh when I'm high. Who knows maybe that has Happened hahahahaha
  17. wait how does he secretly buy in weed from a guy im not getting it:confused_2:
  18. Well, at least now your know where your so called "friend" stands. You also now know that spending 3 bills on someone else isn't always the best idea.

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