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    01-Jan?: BF threw a seed into a random pot
    Jan - Mar: Little lady popped at some point and was very sad for some time
    Mar: Bought a crappy LED light and put her under it for a few hours a day, supplemental to bright window. Things started picking up from here
    19-Jun: Moved to flowering box
    07-Jul: Started TSL (just a touch late)
    16-Jul: First sign of flowers!
    24-Jul: Flower sites galore - at least a dozen
    05-Sept: Fat buds are filling out. Under magnification, many trichomes now appear cloudy, one or two as amber

    Baby Hercules timeline
    07-July topped at
    12-July started LST
    19-July continued LST
    24-July it's hanging out and growing
    05-Sep got a haircut from the cat :(

    Hey, super new to the community, found the site looking for inspiration for a flowering chamber. Noob, non-smoking, non-eating GF of a smoker who is taking care of a baby (now teenager) who "popped" into our lives.

    BF has been keeping seeds over the last ten years and threw one into a pot...it sprouted and my feeling of obligation began (mothering tendencies, no kids).

    Despite minimal investment, moderate research and some feline nibbling, the little thing has grown to several feet and I've started topping. Figure flowering starts soon. Then I did something stupid...

    I germinated a second seed. Now I must be serious. Now I need a flowering and veg box as well as a second light...and soon.

    So here I am. If anyone is interested in watching my progress, I will post updates weekly, mostly for my own learning and notes.
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  2. You're growing inside? Unless it's an auto flower you will have to initiate flower by changing your light schedule to 12/12. It's highly doubtful it's an auto flower seed though
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  3. Yeah, I was learning about autoflowers on youtube. It was always my intention to build a flowering box, and that's where I've been spending most of my research time.

    I just built a frame out of 2 x 2 yesterday. Decided on 24" x 24" x 5' with OSB walls and casters based on my research, and on the fact that I can only find 4 x 8 sheets of OSB! I plan to add braces at 12", 24", 36", 48", one on each wall to provide options for fan / light hanging. Three walls will be OSB and the "door" will be velcro black vinyl sheeting backed with mylar. I haven't solved the intake fan type / placement yet and may skip it at first?

    I'm sure I'm not the first person in this situation: I want to be successful and have a decent yield but am unwilling at this point to invest in a pro setup...that's 50% due to the $ and 50% because my knowledge isn't there yet
  4. Moved my lady to her grow box last night, and it was sad to box her up in there in the basement after enjoying watching her grow and develop in the plant room.

    I crawled into the box and had the BF shut me in to check for light tightness...then quickly discovered I may be claustrophobic!

    After 12 hours in the box, lady seems happy enough. Growth on lower stems seems improved due to the increased light from the mylar.
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  5. You’ll want more height on your box. What type of light are you using? What type of fertilizers and soil are you using?
  6. More height will have to come for box #2, I travel for work and am gone more than I am home in July. BF will water and monitor but he's not a builder.

    Light: this will either amuse or irritate you. I am aware the light is wildly inadequate but my criterion for selection is that it is a "normal" plant light.

    LED Quantity: 64 pcs
    LED Color: Red 680nm 48 pcs + Blue 480nm 16 pcs
    Color Temperature: 3400k(red) 2900k(blue)
    Input Voltage: AC100V-260V
    Power: 18W
    Lifespan: 50,000 hours
    Working Current: 0.3A~2A
    Material: Aluminum (heat dissipation), Iron, silicone sleeve
    Warranty: 1 year manufacturers warranty

    Soil: Regular potting mix...will improve this for the next grow to be sure!!

    Fertilizer...whatever I had (miracle grow) and then One Shot
  7. SUNDAY UPDATE: Left home Saturday morning and Lydia was looking pretty much the same...returned home Sunday night to a plant was different in a very subtle way...it looks mature now. BF says maybe he sees a bud and it's an autoflower? I'm not that optimistic.

    Today I must drill the hole for the extension cord so that we can button up the box and start flowering!

    I'll be gone for a whole week :(
  8. G’luck on your adventure; sounds like you’ve got ‘the bug’.
  9. Thanks! @tooslow

    I've got the bug for growing plants in general! My ultimate goal is to get a high CBD strain and make the salve that brings my BF so much relief...though I'm sure he'll throw some other strains in there if we are successful!

    I'm so curious what yield we will get from our accidental / non-pro grow.
  10. I, too, am a ‘grower’. I just... stumbled into this when; a) it became legal and b) someone gave me a seed.
    I tried treating it like a houseplant and learned that this is something altogether different. What an education!
    Have fun.
  11. I'd love to know something you know now that you wish you'd known at the outset... @tooslow
  12. watch out smoking weed is Not addictive But Growing weed is very addictive once started its very hard to stop ,but i am sure you'l love it:Love-Plant:and love the plant/s ,,,,mac..
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  13. Sunday update, two days late. Been out of town. BF taking care of all my plants is dangerous...My cockscomb seedlings suffered the most. My baby cannaplant's cotyledon leaves are yellow, as are their first set. The second/third are brown so I def think it was too close to the lights.

    Lydia hasn't flowered yet, but seems like she is getting close after a week in the box. I may prune off the lower branches as the light is much dimmer down there...
  14. Well, I'll tell ya...
    Given a seed, I decided that it would be fun to make a Marijuana House Plant.
    Reefer plants don't want to be houseplants...
    This was all I wanted;
    but, no......
    I had to grow two photo-periods and two auto-flowering and another two autos, just to get to here;
    That was a one year journey... to nowhere!

    I never wanted this... it was a by-product of my adventure;
    'What a long, strange trip it's been....'
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  15. I don't need to tell you that is gorgeous @tooslow

    But I do need to tell you that your plant's container is in desperate need of giant google eyes!
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  16. A great idea, but not any longer;
    it is buried outside;

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  17. Wednesday update: turned off the light on Baby Hercules (it still gets sunlight) and the first leaf set that was all yellow is now partially green. The brown edges of the 2nd and 3rd set seem to be healing as well. I will turn the light back on today, keeping it well off the plant! This proves, though, that it is more intense than Lydia's light since I keep that one almost touching her leaves and its still quite green.

    I also acquiesced and bought pHup and down and will start adjusting the pH for all my plants...I know I'm a bad person...I know all about why pH should be changed but just didn't care until now.

    Also set up my moss terrarium yesterday! :)

    Discovered that Lydia's light is a POC. When I left town, I started the integrated 12 hour timer at 12:30...but now it's going on around 4pm...I have no idea if that means it's been getting more hours of light or darkness. The stupid thing won't work on a real timer because it's designed to power on with a button and not a switch.

    So I turned it off last night and am waiting until 14:30 to turn it on today and will start monitoring it closely while I am home the next few weeks.
  18. You really need to consider a better light for flower. You'll be lucky to yield a couple joints of fluffy less then potent buds with what you have. Even just add a couple cheap cfls or something if money is tight. They're not very good lights but would greatly improve your situation
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  19. Yeah, I just started thinking about what to do next about the lighting. Without proper ventilation in my setup (I open the door during the light cycle, I hesitate to introduce anything heat generating.

    The good news is that this is just a grand experiment and I expect to learn more and do better by Baby Hercules. For example, poor Lydia lived her first several months in random store bought herb container and flopped over more times than I can count. Baby Hercules is in a proper growing medium under 24 hour light now and is getting fed.

    My general plan is to just c'est la vie this first grow while I figure out things like lighting, exhaust and LST and apply that knowledge to BH....but I expect you are right about the yield....but even if I just get one I will be excited!
  20. Sunday update:

    From what I can tell, Lydia has started the flowering period: more branch, leaf growth, those little spiky things have burst away from the stems. After reading about LST and Scrog (which I've done before, but felt too novice to try) and considering Lydia has a tomato frame, I decided to do some light LST and bend the upper branches back to the top level of the tomato frame. It's still dark cycle so I will check in a few hours if she's bounced back as quickly as the pictures show.

    That being said, I definitely will scrog Baby Hercules. He/she is at the fifth node now and ready for pinching today. I'll be following LBH's "Famous ScrOG tutorial"...truly famous?

    This will fit nicely into my current grow box, now occupied by Lydia so she better hurry up. Until then...well I've got some time to figure that out.

    Next change for when BH enters the grow chamber: light change. I'm over these crappy LED's (no surprise). Thinking about four CFL's wired together but somehow need the ability to modify the height within the box...unless ScrOG reduces the need for a lot of variance in the height?

    Next question is how to modify the grow box to allow for intake / exhaust fans without exposing it to light...use flexible tubing with a bend? I'm sure this has been addressed elsewhere so I'll do some research.

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