Oops..I did it again...LOL

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Panhead, Nov 8, 2002.

  1. :wave: High
    This is some Train Wreck bud at 4 weeks into flower..I use a 1,000 watt Metal Halide..Smoking time is getting near..:smoke:

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  2. Doesn't it look YUMMY..:smoke:

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  3. One more shot..:D

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  4. lookin' good!
  5. is it just me, or are those leaves covered in thc crystals.. looking to be some killer shit
  6. Hey arseface

    Hey I can do that?? Can ya tell me what I gotta do? I would like to have MH & HPS both 1,000 watters in my room..Buds would then get the best of both worlds...:D
    Oh an by the way, those buds are covered in white crystals..Looks like powder sugar..LOL Very stanky also..Stay cool..
  7. hey brother i got the trainwreck growing myself!!!!

    and they have had those crystals all over them sence about the 4th set of leaves !!!

    im going to start 12/12 in another week or 2!

    i also am interested in the conversion?

    it runs hps bulbs on halide balist?
  8. btw been veging on the floros....just got the 400watt halide balest from a friend

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  9. and

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  10. thanks arse.....ill be looking into it!
  11. HIGH All, been away from the City and might have missed this ?. Is this the first time you have grown Train Wreck? Looks like something I would grow and love to death.
    Have a good time with her Panhead.
  12. High unoit

    I have been growing Train Wreck for about 3 years now..It's from Humbolt County California..Here is a pic of a girl TW I grew 3 years back...Isn't she pretty..:D

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  13. :wave: High arseface

    Hey thanks man..I got a few clones a while back , an I have been working off of those..I don't have any beans..This is a cross with good old humbolt County California bud an Perma frost..
    It taste awesome..One hit an it wastes you, an takes your breath away..My wife says I should put cross bones on my baggies..LMAO..
  14. :wave: Here is some dried Train Wreck..
    The smell is over whelming! A couple hits of this shit an your off to La, La Land...LMAO

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  15. :wave: Another shot...

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  16. yum, yum. looks great.
  17. Send a doober on this way! :D


  18. HIGH All, oh ya she's pretty Panhead!!!! Don't ya love hanging on to that one strain that's a killer. Our White Bud we've had for years too. Been going threw seedbanks looking for that right male for her.
    We pollinated a male Donkey Dick with our White Bud and the little gaffer is it's mother All the way. It's leaves are way bigger than seeds that were planted a week before.

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